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Boiled in Lead had a great concert at the Town Crier in 
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Most recent purchases of music:

Kirsten Hirsch - Strange Angels
I love her previous solo album. And most of the material she recorded with the alternative group, Throwing Muses, is quite strong and holds its own against time. Her lyrics are cryptic, yet poetic. But this album failed to gel into something memorable, into something which might encourage me to replay it. It has now been sold off. Released 1998, I think.

Sans Cherubs - Where's Marion?
Blues-influenced modern rock with one vocalist who sounds a bit like Janis Joplin and another who reminds one of Joni Mitchell. Some very strong songs here -- try "Listen" or ""Madrigal's Atlantis", amoung others. They have a
website designed by yours truly. It includes sound clips. Released 1997.

Oyster Band - Trawler
This retrospective album grows rapidly on me -- modern Irish rock, perhaps not as hard-rocking as the Pogues, but definitely lively. The only song I could have done without was "Blood Wedding" -- the rest, whether completely modern or remakes of traditional songs, works quite well. Released 1994.

Orbital - Snivilisation
Generally speaking, this is a fantastic band. However the music on this particular album doesn't always live up to my expectations. Classify under "ambient", or perhaps "odd ambient". About half the album is excellent, the rest merely painful. Released 1994.

Hedningarna - Trä
Swedish musicians, with two Finnish female vocalists. Definitely Scandanavian-inspired, yet contemporary. A variety of styles, some somewhat odd, but almost all are engaging. An excellent album! Released 1994.

Various Artists - MondoBeat -- Masters of Percussion
Traditional drummers and contemporary drummers such as Olatunji, Micki Hart, the Musicians of the Nile, Tito Puente, etc contribute selections to this album, which looks around the world for inspirations. Most pieces are instrumental. It's a great collection, with many of the selections just begging for the listener to hop up and DANCE. Released 1998.

The Used Music Bin

The Mighty Mighty BossTones - Let's Face It
Diverse current rock, with a good horn section. Released 1997.

Buffalo Springfield - Retrospective
I bought this as a replacement of an old cassette. Better this way. Still a great album. Released 1969.

Smetana - Má Vlast
This recording is a quality Deutsche Grammophon recording by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Rafael Kubelik. I've always loved this bit of music -- eastern European classical music of a century ago, and this is one of the best compositions (to these ears). Released 1994.

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