It's a GIRL !

our latest adopted greyhound


54 lbs, 2 oz
38 in

Meet our latest pet, a retired racing greyhound which we've renamed Kasha. (Seneca wanted to name her Zambonie, and Blake opted for 'Izzle, so we've made them her middle names).

After the loss of our prior greyhounds, Laika and Boston, Cozy really missed having a dog. When a small, young cat-friendly female greyhound became available via Make Peace With Animals, we decided to foster her for a while and see how she fit in with our family.

Kasha and Zoe running laps

She fits in just fine. She plays with the other dogs at our local "Bark Park", runs laps with her fellow greyhound Zoe, and spends most of the day sleeping, as most greyhounds do. Occasionally, a sock goes missing, but we know to look for it buried in her bed, amid all the other stuffed toys she collects.

A very old excuse

She still has some "puppy mischief" to get out of her system. She recently decided that my wife's homework wasn't to her liking, so she chewed it up.

I took this picture, which my wife sent to her professor, telling him, "My dog really did eat my homework."


I read an article about the ability of dogs to sniff out bombs and drugs.
[ ]

So I Googled "dog smell". One site claims, "Dogs have about 25 times more olfactory (smell) receptors than humans do."  Another site confirms, "The dog has 120 to 220 million cells next to man's 5 million cells." Another says, "Canine's sense of smell is generally 10,000 to 100,000 times greater then humans."

When I walk my greyhound, she's constantly sniffing mailbox posts, trees, shrubs, even the street itself. I feel like pulling her away, but I remind myself it's her way of "looking around."

My wife and I have an idea for a museum just for dogs. There'd be nothing to see, but the walls would be lined with felt pads on low platforms. Each pad would be drenched in a particular smell. Rover would walk up, put his nose down and say, "Ooooooh. Wet Gym Sock with Bacon!"

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