We traveled down to Maryland for their annual Sheep and Wool Festival.


Each year in July, my wife and I travel down to Maryland for their Sheep and Wool Festival. It's more of a treat for my wife than me, as she is quite skilled in combing, dyeing, spinning and knitting wool. I go along for the sights.


There grounds are filled with anything that remotely has to do with sheep and wool. You want a scale to weigh your sheep? It's here. A spinning wheel to make yarn? You can pick from hundreds. You want sheep chow? A loom? A fleece? It's here.


And of course the place is filled with sheep and lambs. There are more varieties of sheep than you can imagine. They're housed in pens, like the one on the left, and await the judges to award ribbons.


Now here's something interesting: the grounds are divided by a main road. On the left of the road are lambs in pens...



... and on the right side of the road is this:


Sheep Show Slideshow

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