My modest Collection of Homebrew Electronic Projects

ATmega-TNC  ATmega8 based TNC with GPS,WX  support and many other features 

AVR based UI-TNC An Atmel 90s2313 based  minimalist TNC .

IV-18 VFD Clock Another simple clock. This one uses a Russian IV-18 multi digit VFD tube.

B7971 Nixie Clock A Nixie tube clock project based on 6 large Burroughs B7971 tubes.

IN-17 NIXIE CLOCK A very simple Atmel Mega48 based Nixie tube clock. 

toner_transfer_exp.pdf Document describing my experiences with toner transfer PCB production.

bootloader_m8 A bootloader for an Atmel  mega8. Use with AVRPROG.EXE windows client (available from atmel)

boot_ice  PCB artwork and schematic for inexpensive JTAG for AVR.

avr pocsag transcode m328 ATMEGA328 based POCSAG transcoder. Many bells and whistles. Hex file and support docs.

avr pocsag rev 1.1 Patch  Patch file to update avr_pocsag 1.1  to work with an attiny2313.  Contributed by Lasse Latva (OH3HZB).

        AVR pocsag in action.  A youtube video & blog showing a nicely featured implementation.

avr pocsag rev 1.1 Most current version of an Atmel AVR 90s2313 based POCSAG encoder.

avr pocsag rev 1.0 An AVR based pocsag encoder. Many enhancements over the pic version below. A Pocsag encoder project utilizing a PIC16C84. Printed Circuit Board artwork for a 4 level, radio to rs-232 interface (updated MAR-2001).

ay3-8910.pdf Scanned and converted GI AY3-8910/8912 data sheet/manual.

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