Magic Realm Quest Game





The players, their characters, their quests, and their starting choices:

  • Teresa Michelsen selects the Swordsman to be "A Thief in the Night." He starts at the White Inn, takes a White Thrusting Sword and a Red M5/H7 workhorse.
  • Hugo Huggett takes the Raider (2nd level Berserker) to search for "The Secret in the Pool." The Raider starts at the Red Inn with 2 companions, a Red M5 Wolfhound and White Rogue 7, and 10 Gold in his pocket. He takes his axe from the Red Guard, Helm from the White Patrol, and Shield from the White Company.
  • Andrew Nicholson chooses the Black Knight to do battle in "The Great Goblin War." The Black Knight starts at the White Inn with armor from the White Order, a shield from the White Soldiers, and a mace from the White Guards. The Goblin King will be from the Red set (@#$% outside agitators). The Black Knight has 20 GOLD in his pocket.
  • David Short fancies himself as the Wizard who is "The Reluctant Transformer." He starts at the Red Inn and takes his staff from the Red Soldiers.
  • Brian Sharwood picks the Druid to be "The Master of the Elements." He starts at the White Inn.
  • Adam Burr reprises his role as the Amazon, this time with a "Sword of Terror." The Amazon starts at the Red Inn with a White Broadsword of Terror, helmet, breastplate and shield from the Red Company, and a shortsword from the Red Soldiers.
  • Dan Evans dons the mantle of the Pilgrim once again, this time to look for "A Present For Someone Special." The pilgrim, Donefos, begins at the Red Inn with his beloved Amazon. He selects his staff from the Red Soldiers and chooses his companions from the Red set. He will be searching for the Red Statue. "See, I'm all nice and consistent." says Donefos.
  • Paul Orr engages the Dwarf as "The Treasure Hunter." He starts at the Red Inn, takes his Great Axe from the Red Order, helmet from the Red Soldiers. His Companions are Red C5 and Red W1. He also starts with 30 gold in his pocket.
  • Galen Silversmith seeks revenge as the Sorceror in "Revenge of the Assassin." He starts at the Red Chapel.

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