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Being on the whole a compendium of the motives and rationales that drive our intrepid adventurers in their quests to engender "tales of audacity, desperation, and valor."

A Thief in the Night

Quest #36 is undertaken by Teresa Michelsen

The leader of the Thieves' Guild is seeking someone he can groom to take over as leader someday, and the Swordsman has been chosen. But first he must prove his worthiness. The Swordsman must steal 50 GOLD worth of items from native bands and obtain, by any means, one Great Treasure. (Alternatively, he may win by locating the Remains of the Thief and taking it to his destination.) He must LOCATE the natives' treasures with a "Discover chit(s)" result before he can LOOT and he only gets one day to HIDE and LOOT from each band; after that, the theft is discovered and the treasure moved to a more secure location. The Swordsman must also abide by a Code of Honor, which includes not killing natives or other characters. If he uses any of the items he steals, those items he uses will not count toward victory. He may be captured by the posse (the Patrol).

Gold value of stolen items: 14+ out of 50 needed.
Native bands robbed: White Guards
Known Great Treasures: 0 out of 1 needed.
Destination: Red Inn

The Secret in the Pool

Quest #45 is undertaken by Hugo Huggett

The ancient manuscript crumbled into dust as he tried to pick it up, but no matter. The words that he had read there, after finding the sheet hidden in an old and boring book of history, were burned indelibly into his mind. The POOL! Long ago a party of adventurers had explored it. Although they were driven from it by some nameless terror, their leader had written down all that they had learned. Now the Raider (second level Berserker), too, had learned the secret. To succeed in this Quest he must obtain a Treasure card from the Red POOL along with 25 points of FAME and 25 points of NOTORIETY. As a second level character, the Raider gets an extra move phase.

Treasure from Red Pool: No
FAME: 16 out of 25 needed.
NOTORIETY: 16 out of 25 needed.
Destination: White Inn

The Reluctant Transformer

Quest #58 is undertaken by David Short

The ring that the Wizard found in the dust seemed quite harmless at the time… until he slipped it on his finger. The ring was a magical ring, a ring that enables the wearer to transmorphize into another creature. The problem is that he can neither stop nor control the transmorphizing nor can he remove the ring from his finger. The Wizard seeks the aid of a powerful Mage, who tells him he can teach the Wizard how to use the ring or remove it from his finger – but for a price. To succeed in this Quest the wizard must obtain 20 points of GOLD and two Magical Treasures to meet the Mage’s price. This transformation takes place at Midnight each day. The Wizard is immune to all other transmorphizing spells while in the form of a creature.

Magical Treasures: Dragon Essence and Scroll of Alchemy (2 out of 2 needed.)
GOLD: 25 out of 20 needed.
Destination: White Inn

The Great Goblin War

Quest #4 is undertaken by Andrew Nicholson

Periodically, some particularly evil Goblin King will obtain enough power to drive forth his minions in a war of conquest against the peoples of the MAGIC REALM. In the midst of the latest assault the Black Knight's family fell victim, in his absence, to a Goblin raiding force. The Goblin King had them put to the sword. Upon discovering the terrible news, the Black Knight vowed to take his vengeance. To succeed in this Quest he must kill the Red Goblin King. The Goblin King is immune to all spells and attacks and can only be killed by one seeking revenge (the Black Knight) and then only via a striking weapon. Because of the war, Goblins are prowling every day.

The Red Goblin King has been KILLED.
Destination: Red Inn

The Master of the Elements

Quest #74 is undertaken by Brian Sharwood

The storm clouds gather in a blackening sky, their tops lit by infrequent flashes of ominous lightning. Trees bend eerily in a moaning wind tinged with the smell of ozone and sulfur. The air seems thick and stagnant, difficult to breathe, filled with foreboding. Out of the whirling Maelstrom gathering in the heavens comes the Druid, a cataclysm borne by the wind.
      Sent on a mission by some unknown and unspeakable power, the Druid's only means of defense against the terrors of the MAGIC REALM are the very forces of nature herself. To succeed in this Quest he must summon the three Vital Forces of the Elements, travel to a CRAG-1 clearing, and there transform the entire MAGIC REALM into a world of deep drifting snow and bone-chilling winds.

Summoned the Winds of the Hurricane from a Mountain-6 clearing: NO
Summoned a Subterranean Surge from a Cave-6 clearing: Day 18
Summoned a Destructive Conflagration from a Deep Woods-6 clearing: Day 6
Journeyed to crag-1 and changed the weather: NO
Destination: Red Inn

Sword of Terror

Quest #31 is undertaken by Adam Burr

Her beloved has given a great sword to the Amazon. Unfortunately, the weapon was possessed of a terrible enchantment. Now the Amazon is under its spell! To succeed in this Quest she must break the sword’s enchantment, thereby freeing herself of it. She cannot be transmorphized while in possession of this sword. The sword feeds off the Amazon's power, each time she makes a kill with the sword she suffers a permanent wound. Missile and magic attacks affect her normally, but the sword offers some protection against striking attacks. She must visit a chapel to get three "suggestions" on how to remove the sword.

Chapel visited: Day 17

Three suggestions to break the curse:
  Sword plunged into the heart of a demon: No
  Ritual of exorcism performed in CRAG-1: No
  Located a Lost City: No

Destination: White Inn

A Present for Someone Special

Quest #25 is undertaken by Dan Evans

The Pilgrim is faced with the problem of making amends for giving his beloved such a nasty sword. He and his associates have thought of the perfect item… it’s just a little matter of procurement. To succeed in this Quest he must locate the red STATUE and then carry it with him to his destination. The statue is awkward to move. Any turn during which he attempts to move the statue the Pilgrim may only record and execute basic phases. Native groups are mostly unfriendly to him.

Red Statue not yet located.
Destination: White Inn

The Treasure Hunter

Quest #56 is undertaken by Paul Orr

Over the years, the Dwarf quietly amassed a fortune from the treasure hoards of the MAGIC REALM. He could easily live out his life quite comfortably. But the stories of so-called valor and courage in looting these hoards persist, stories that are nothing compared to what he faced. Therefore, his ego both bruised and challenged, the Dwarf and his companions prepare to undertake the greatest hunt of all. To succeed in this Quest he must loot one Treasure card or one treasure counter, or learn one spell, from six different treasure sites; obtain two Great Treasures (both must be looted from treasure sites); and obtain 15 points of FAME from killing treasure site monsters. Due to his prowess as a tracker and hunter, the Dwarf rolls one die instead of two when he rolls on any search table.

Treasure Sites looted: Red Cairns (1 out of 6 needed)
Great Treasures: 0 out of 2 needed.
Treasure site monster FAME: 6 out of 15 needed.
Destination: White Inn

Revenge of the Assassin

Quest #37 is undertaken by Galen Silversmith

Years ago, as a youngster, the Sorceror was horrified to learn of his Father’s death in a mindless “training” exercise for the military. Upon seeking compensation, he and his Mother were cast out as traitors by the commander. Slowly through the years his hatred for that commander and all authority grew as he watched his Mother struggle to provide and, in the end, die in shame. Now, after months of training, his hatred is so deep that he is ready to take his vengeance upon the world. To succeed in this Quest the Sorceror must obtain 15 points of NOTORIETY and 10 points of GOLD in native leader bounty. The Red Soldier Leader is the one who originally threw the Sorceror out, and must be the first leader he attempts to assassinate. The Sorceror cannot win this Quest while the Red Soldier Leader lives.

The Red Soldier Leader has been KILLED.
Native leader bounty NOTORIETY: 6 out of 15 needed.
Native leader bounty GOLD: 4 out of 10 needed.
Destination: White Chapel

These quests could not be selected either because of concerns for play-balance or because it was used in Teresa's quest game. There were still over 60 quests to choose from.

  1. In search of the Magic Realm
  2. Apprentice and Mentor
  3. Shadow of Death
  4. Golden Unicorn
  5. Sundered Siblings
  6. Partners
  7. Love and Adventure - I
  8. Love and Adventure - II
  9. Dwarf's Adventure
  10. Death Quest
  11. White Knight's Adventure
  12. Opposites
  13. Travels of the Merchant
  14. Magician's Adventure
  15. Revenge of the Dragon-Rider
  16. Druid's Adventure

Please note, quite a few quests have been revised in the Book of Quests Errata #1. Before selecting a quest, please check to see that you have the latest version.

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