Magic Realm Quest Game





All basic third edition Magic Realm rules will be used with the following additions:

  • All Advanced Rules from Second edition:
    • Except 4.2 Ambushes (see below)
  • Optional Rules from Second edition:
    1. Seasons and Weather
    2. Commerce
      (This includes Grudges and Gratitude.)
    3. Optional Combat Rules *This is the Biggie*
    4. Automatic Enchanting
  • Expanding the Realm rules from Second edition:
    1. Combining Realms
      This will be a double board quest game. Only one of each character will be in play.
  • The Book of Quests by Jay Richardson, et al.
  • Optional Rules (section Q5.) from the Book of Quests:
    1. Semi-Restricted Ambush
      Modify the first sentence to read: "For each companion, hired native, horse, suit of armor, or shield (whether active or not) the character has with him in the clearing, add 1 to his hide roll during the ambush."
    2. Two-Handed Weapons
      Note: all magic spells are considered two handed weapons and may not be cast if a character has a shield active.
    3. Characters Killed by Dragons
      As amended in the Book of Quests errata #1.
    4. Unpredictable Weather
    5. Additional Bounty Points for Discoveries and Treks

The Book of Quests and its Errata can be found on Nand's web page.

To save setup time, your kindly GM has generated a semi-random board. Click on the links at left to see it.

We are looking to start turn 1 on-or-about March 3, 2003. Turns will run once per week, or faster, if all players send in their orders rapidly. Please don't sign up if you cannot maintain this pace.

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