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My story starts when the world was a younger place than it is today; before the Magic was gathered; even before the lands of Catan were settled.

In that long-ago time, I did wander eversomuch in the Magic Realm. My journeys took me through dark valleys, over smoke shrouded mountains, into dank caverns and even through woods littered with bones.

I faced many dangerous denizens such as goblins, trolls, dragons, and the occasional demon.

But all was not wild. There were occasional dwellings, inhabited by natives of the realm.

And, there was also time for study, for I did learn numerous magic spells.

All of this activity was in pursuit of various treasures that lay hidden throughout the realm. Once recovered, I would conduct commerce with the natives for significant profit.

After a 15-year absence from the realm, I managed to do some adventuring. Those exploits are documented in the Cyan log.

Tougher characters were encountered when I ran one game in a Tournament for the Magic Realm's foremost players.

My most recent effort employed the Quest system developed by Jay Richardson. The journal for this endeavor is contained in the Magenta log.

My next undertaking was to run a game for graduates of the BIMR4 and BIMR5 games. This game had a yellow log.

All that I know of the Magic Realm is summed up in these pages. Enjoy!


Updated: May 19, 2006

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