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Location: Southwestern Connecticut, northern Fairfield County, almost into New York State. Zone 6 in Gardener Lingo.

The soil is rich (from years of hummus), but rocky. The land is nestled into a hillside, with many trees and their resulting shade. Some of the land is allowed to do its own thing, but there are various gardening sections, or "biomes", should we choose to use an ecological word inaccurately. It's the kind of neighborhood where people are allowed to think for themselves, and garden or not garden as they choose to see fit.

Luna Moth Luna Moth Photo Op

The Biomes:


* A JPEG of lambs' ears, a low-lying soft-textured plant I picked up somewhere. This shot, taken with my new Canon, shows them off to good effect.

*A JPEG of a mass of lilies of the valley in the back yard. They're running out of space in a small region bounded by the wood porch and the flagstones in front of them.

*A JPEG of the walkway Scott and Karl built here out of stone on a gently sloping area. This photo is more landscape than garden-oriented, but the walkway harmonizes creatively with the area.

*A JPEG of the side porch and view from the yard during cannas bulb removal in the fall; down and dirty, and still not really garden-oriented, but does show that work gets accomplished around here. The cannas bulbs are sensitive to New England winters, and so are kept in a cool dark dry place for the winter, for replanting in the spring. The old leaves and stems become compost. The bulbs which get re-planted in April develop broad leaves and small, intensely red flowers. The plants grow to a height of around six feet, and make a great privacy break.

The cannas in bloom, huge plants photographed through the foliage of Canadian hemlock. They grow 4-6 feet tall, and hummingbirds love them.

*More to come.

And More! (Eventually...)

Well, there will be various commentaries, more links, and sordid dirty plantings discussions as they crop up. Meanwhile, read up on my experience with wild turkeys. Cool birds!!!

These Garden pages are dedicated to
the memory of Thelma, who enjoyed strolling through her own gardens.
Of all the pages here, these are likely the ones she would have most enjoyed.

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