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Ashland, Massachusetts

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November 17, 2000


On Lockers

by I.M. Classy
Formerly known as the Journalist

Recently, locker times in the Ashland Middle School have been restricted to a locker break every two periods. In some respects I feel this is okay, as it prevents mayhem in the hallways after every period.

On the other hand, it is not a good thing. After all, textbooks and notebooks get very heavy. Another issue is gym clothes. It is hard to carry a bag of smelly clothes around the school, and I am sure the teachers don't want there classrooms stinking because there is no locker break between that class and gym.

So in my opinion, students should have the option to go to their lockers after every class. People go to their lockers after every class anyway, but if more locker times were allowed, at least kids wouldn't get yelled at.

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