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November 17, 2000

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Election 2000

The election this year was a confusing one, at the least. The election started out normally, but didn't stay that way for long. By about 9:00 Tuesday night 11/7, Bush was in the lead, but then by 11:30 Gore was in the lead. It went on like this all night and in the morning something surprising happened. The newspapers were released and the headlines read, "Bush Wins," but they were out of date.

The news channels, late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, reported that Gore had won, but then they said later Bush had won. In the morning they had "Egg on their faces," as they say. The newspapers became a collector's item.

Wednesday afternoon, an announcement was made stating that there would be a recount of the votes in Florida. The reason was that the Popular Votes were to close to call. So then we were faced with a bigger problem than the newspapers, we had no president!

Later in the week, a representative said that some of the elderly citizens of Florida accidentally voted for Buchanan! They said that the dots were too close together and they didn't know which dot represented which candidate.

Now, a week later, we still have no president, they are now recounting the votes in Florida again but this time by hand, and the nation is wondering when will we get a new President Elect. Bush is now winning by 300 votes.

But in our school we had our own little election and the results were unlike those of the real votes. The results were Gore with 200, Bush with 89, Nader with 56, Buchanan with 3, and 1 write in vote for John McCain.

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