Hardware Vendors

This is a list of links to companies which produce hardware products that relate to Macintosh graphics. Note that "Storage" refers to everything from hard drives to SyQuests to CD recorders.

New or revised listings: Revised Motorola, APS and Apple

Last updated on November 7, 1996

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3M - Printers
Adaptive Solutions - Powershop multiprocessor Photoshop accelerator
Agfa - Scanners, printers / imagesetters, film recorders, etc.
Apple Computer, Inc. - Computers, scanners, printers, digital cameras, set-top boxes, PIMs
APS Technologies - Storage, Mac clones
ART - High-speed raytracing hardware
Color Savvy Systems - Spectrophotometers
Connectix - Digital video cameras
DayStar Digital - Accelerators [Photoshop and otherwise], Mac clones
Diamond Multimedia Systems - Accelerated video cards for PCI
Eastman Kodak - Digital cameras, printers, Photo CD
Electronics for Imaging - Fiery Color Servers for printing to color copiers
Epson - Scanners, printers, digital cameras
Farallon - Networking hardware
Fargo Electronics - Color printers
Fujitsu - Storage
GCC Technologies - Printers
Griffin Technology - Accelerators, video adapters
Hewlett-Packard Scanners, printers
IBM - All kinds of stuff [Including clones soon?]
Iomega - Storage
Kaidan - QuickTake attachments, QTVR equipment
La Cie, Ltd. - Storage, scanners
Lexmark International - Printers
Lasergraphics - Film recorders
Matrox - Storage
MicroNet - Storage
Microtek - Scanners
Motorola - StarMax Mac Clones and the PowerPC microprocessor
Nanao USA - Monitors
NEC - Monitors, CD-ROM drives
Newer Technology - RAM, accelerators, Duo docks
Optical Access International - Storage
Pinnacle Micro, Inc. - Storage
Polaroid - Digital cameras, film recorders, scanners
Power Computing - Mac clones
PowerMEDIA - Kiosks and things, I think [Warning: frames-only site]
Precision Digital Images - Image capture boards
QMS - Printers
Radius - Monitors, video cards, video editing hardware
RasterOps - Monitors, video cards, printers
Reply Corp. - DOS cards
Seiko Epson [Japan] / Epson America - Printers, Scanners
Sony Electronics - CD-ROM, DVD hardware
SuperMac - Do they ONLY make clones now??
Tektronix - Printers
Texas Instruments - Printers
Toray - Storage
Torque Systems - RIP servers and other prepress stuff
Truevision - Video hardware
Umax - Scanners, Mac clones
VideoLabs - Digital video cameras
Videomedia - Video capture / controllers
ViewSonic - Monitors, UPS
Wacom - Graphics tablets
Wired Incorporated - MPEG hardware
Xanté - Printers
Xerox - Printers, copiers, whiteboards, OCR and imaging Software

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