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These are links to pages which don't fit into the other categories. It's a bunch of swell miscellaneous stuff for you, the Mac graphics enthusiast and / or professional.

New or revised pages: QuickTime FAQ [revised]

Last updated on December 17, 1996

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3DSite - A place for all things 3D, featuring a huge 3D software vendor list and some free 3D models
Absolute Macintosh - Tracks Mac and clone prices, plus history, news, etc.
AIGA - It's up to you to guess what it stands for
Almost Beginners PHOTOSHOP - Photoshop Tips you can buy
Animation Master Hobbyist - Resources for Animation Master users
Anton's FreeHand Page - Resources for FreeHand users
AWARE / Authorware Page - Resources for Authorware users
AV FAQ - Info about AV model Macs
The Bandwidth Conservation Society - How to make your GIFs and JPGs faster
Better Living Through Typography - Resources for typographers
Boersma, J. - Includes free patterns, GIFs etc. for your Web sites
Carberry Conversion Machine - Automated file conversion [CGM, HPGL, DXF, GIF, JPEG] over the Web
Clock Chipping Home Page - All about swapping crystal oscillators to speed up your Mac
The comp.fonts Home Page - Font resources; a companion to comp.fonts newsgroup
designOnline - Info and editorial stuff for designers
Director Web - Resources for Director users
DTP Internet Jumplist - DTP-related info and links
Ghostscript - PostScript viewer for Mac
Graphics for HTML Documents - Where to find and how to use graphics on the Web
The Graphics List Web - Home of Graphics List mailing list
Graphion's Online Type Museum - History of typography
Hayden Books - Publisher of happening graphics and design books
Inline Design - Graphics tips, info and links
Internet Font Archive - Where to find fonts on the Net
Internet PostScript Resources - Links to PostScript resources
JPEG FAQ [Dead link - anyone know a new URL?]
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents - Disturbing patterns and pardon his icons.
Kai's Power Tips - Photoshop tips and other graphics goodies
KPT Bryce Animation Help - How to do animation in Bryce
The Lingo Clinic [Dead link. Anyone know a new URL?]
The Macintosh Internet Connection
Mac Monitor Database- Info on many brands of monitors
Mark Sproul's Web Page [Dead link. Anyone know a new URL?]
Mock's Place - Requires frames-capable browser
MiniCAD Freepage - Goodies for MiniCAD users
MPEG FAQ - Information about MPEG video compression standard
ONGdesign - Nice design, free fonts
PageMaker FAQs Jumplist - Info and links for PageMaker users
Photoshop 3 Wow! Book - Info about and samples from the book
Photoshop f/x Online Companion Info about and samples from the book, plus shareware filters
Photoshop Links, Tips and More - Resources for Photoshop users
Photoshop Sites - Resources for Photoshop users
PHOTSHOP{sic} Digest search engine - Search the archives of this mailing list
Pixel Putty Solo Page - Resources for PixelPutty Solo users
PNG [Portable Network Graphics] Home Page - Info about PNG, a lossless compressed image format
POV-Ray Resources - Resources for Macintosh POV-Ray users
Power Macintosh Resource Page - Info for PowerMac users
QuickDraw GX Fan Club - Self-explanatory
QuickTime FAQ - QuickTime info and resources
RenderMan Repository - Resources for RenderMan users
The Scanning FAQ - All about scanning
Strata Tech HyperNews Forum [Dead link]
Texturassic Park - The promise of free textures
TextureLand - Free seamless textures
TeX Users Group - For afficionadoes of TeX
Todd's Macintosh Support Pages - General Mac stuff with some graphics software reviews
Transparent/Interlaced GIF Resources [I can't get this site to answer]
Ventana Clip Art Archive - Lots of clip art
WWW Virtual Library: Design - Net resources of interest to designers

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