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This is a list of links to companies or shareware authors who offer Mac graphics products. Note that I have only listed products which deal with graphics, fonts, that sort of thing. Over 100 companies! Over 200 products! Man, I have a lot of free time.

New or revised listings: ElectricImage, MicroFrontier

Last updated on January 29, 1997

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Acrobat - Paperless publishing
Adobe Type Manager (ATM) - Makes PostScript fonts look good onscreen
After Effects - Video editing and effects
Dimensions - 3D modeling, EPS rendering
Fetch - Image, movie and sound cataloguer
Font Folio - Fonts
FrameMaker - Publishing and page layout
Gallery Effects - Photoshop plug-ins
HomePublisher - Desktop publishing
llustrator - Drawing, page layout
Image Club Graphics - Clip art, stock photos
PageMaker - Desktop publishing
Persuasion - Presentation authoring
PhotoDeluxe - Simple image editing, painting
Photoshop - Image editing, painting
Premiere - Video editing
ScreenReady - EPS rasterization, palette reduction for MM and WWW

Sketch! - 3D modeling and rendering

Alien Skin
Black Box - Photoshop filters
Stylist - Adds style sheets to Adobe Illustrator

Allegiant Technologies
SuperCard - Multimedia authoring

Andromeda Series Filters - Photoshop filters

Apple Computer, Inc.
QuickDraw 3D - Adds 3D capabilities to PowerMacs
QuickDraw GX - Enhances imaging, type handling and printing
QuickTime - Adds video capabilities to Macs
QuickTime VR - Navigable 3D panoramas or objects
Apple Media Tool - Multimedia authoring

Seamless textures and backgrounds

DesignWorkshop - 3D architectural modeling, animation

Vellum - 3D CAD

BeyondPress - Quark to HTML conversion

form€Z / RenderZone - 3D modeling, rendering, CAD


Auto F/X
Page Edges - Paper-like edge effects
Photo/Graphic Edges - Collectoin of edge effects for photographs
Power/Pac 1 - Special effects for Photoshop
Video/Graphic Edges - Video edge effects for Videoshop, Premiere, etc.

The Beale Street Group
Screenshot, Exposure Pro - Screen shot utilities

Infinite F/X - Illustrator / FreeHand plug-ins
Smart Remove Points - Free Illustrator / FreeHand plug-in

Bentley Systems
MicroStation - CAD

Fonts and font technology

Blue Sky Research
TeX stuff

BoxTop Software
GIFmation - Animated GIF plug-in for Photoshop
HVS Color - Palette reduction plug-in for Photoshop
HVS WebFocus Toolkit - Image compression toolbox for Photoshop
PhotoGIF - GIF89-a Photoshop plug-in
ProJPEG - Progressive JPEG Photoshop plug-in

Byte by Byte Corporation
Sculpt 3D - 3D modeling, rendering, animation


Casa De Toad FontFactory

Cherwell Scientific Publishing
pro Fit - 2D / 3D graph plotting, data fitting

MacDraw Pro - Drawing

Cloud Gallery
Pictures of clouds

colleen's Photoshop Plug-in Page
Free Photoshop Plug-ins

Color Solutions
ColorBlind - Color management and calibration software

OpenGL for Macintosh

CorelDraw - Drawing
Corel Gallery, Stock Photo Library - Stock photos

Graphics Tools! - Media browser and screenshot utility
WebAnimator - Multimedia authoring for WWW

Delta Tao Software
Apprentice - Paint
Color MacCheese - Drawing
WonderPrint - Laser print enhancement extension

Canvas - Drawing, painting, CAD

ImportACCESS, ClipboardACCESS - Photoshop plug-ins for medical imaging formats

Diehl Graphsoft
Azimuth - Map creation software
Blueprint - 2D CAD
MiniCAD - 3D CAD

Berserk, Aurorix - After Effects plug-ins
TransFX - Premiere plug-in

Digital Wisdom
Body Shots - Full body photos of people with no backgrounds
Cool Maps - EPS maps
Flag Folio Collection - EPS flags
Mountain High Maps - Bitmap maps

Direct Imagination
Grammar of Ornament - CD-ROM of ornamental designs from 1856

Trapper - Trapping
INposition - Imposing utility for QuarkXPress

DocOzone's Backgrounds

DS Design
Colorize - Tool for coloring in line art
KidBAG - Clip-art and fonts based on children's drawings and writing

All Our Yesterdays - Historical image library

Electric Café
ModelShop - 3D architectural modeling

Electric Image
ElectricImage Animation System - 3D rendering and animation
ElectricImage Broadcast - Low-res version of Animation System

Emboss Fonts


DeBabelizer - Image format conversion and palette reduction utility

PageTools - PageMaker plug-ins
QX-Tools - Quark XTensions
DrawTools - Illustrator / FreeHand plug-ins
Intellihance - Photoshop plug-in for image enhancement
PhotoNavigator - Free plug-in for enhanced Photoshop navigation

Fonthead Design

Fractal Design
Painter - Natural media painting
Sketcher - Greyscale natural media painting
Dabbler - Simple natural media painting and art instruction
Poser - 3D figure design
Expression - Natural media vector illustration

Frame Technology Corp.
FrameMaker - Page and publication layout

GDT Softworks
PowerPrint - Utility for printing with PC printers
PowerPlot - Utility for printing to RTL and HPGL/2 plotters
StyleScript - Adds true PostScript to StyleWriter printer
PrintExtras - More printing utilities

Gemini Press
TypeIndexer - Manages fonts and prints sample pages

GEO Interactive Media Group
Emblaze - Inline animation for WWW

Gold Disk
Astound - Multimedia authoring

ArchiCAD - Architectural CAD

Gryphon Software
Batch It! - Automated image processing utility
Bricks - 3D building blocks, like Legos
Dynamic Effects - Special effects for Adobe Premiere
Morph - Morphing

Hash, Inc.
Animation Master - 3D modeling, rendering, animation

HexMac International
HexWeb - HTML utility for QuarkXPress

Horizons Technology
Power!Video - Video compression software

Hyphen Inc. [Can anyone get into this site?]

Iconomics Online
Custom art, stock Illustration

Image Club Graphics
Clip art, stock photos

ScanPrepPro - Photoshop plug-in for improving scans

BlissPaint, Chronos, ProtoFont

Imspace Systems
Kudo - Image browser

Infinet Op
Lightning Strike - Wavelet image compression

Intelligence at Large
MovieStar - QuickTime plug-in for WWW
Movie Star Maker - QuickTime authoring tool

Interactive Media Corporation
Special Delivery - Multimedia authoring

Interleaf, Inc.
CyberLeaf - Web publishing software

Iterated Systems
Fractal Imager - Fractal image compression

JPEGView - View and convert various image formats

Kaleida Labs [No answer]

CADMover - 2D/3D file conversion (EPS, DXF, IGES, etc.)

Knot - 3D mathematical knot generator

Lari Software
LightningDraw GX - QuickDraw GX-based drawing program

Lemke Software
GraphicConverter - View, edit and convert about a billion image formats

Letraset USA
Envelopes plug-in
Also fonts, clip art, photos

LifeForms - 3D human figure animation software

Live Picture
Live Picture - Resolution-independent painting, image editing

Fast Eddie - Shareware palette reduction
MrSid - Wavelet-based image database compression
Planet Color / Planet Color Xtra for Director - Palette reduction

MACGPLOT - CGM display software

Extreme 3D - 3D modeling, rendering, animation
Director - Multimedia authoring
FreeHand - Drawing and page layout
Fontographer - Font design
xRES - Resolution-independent painting

mBED Software
mBED - Inline animation for WWW

Terrainman - Shareware 3D terrain generator
Spatial Blast - Free Photoshop Filter Factory filter

Media Merchant Online
Clip art, stock photos

Bryce 2 - 3D terrain generator and renderer
Convolver - Convolution plug-in for Photoshop
Final Effects AP - Special Effects for Adobe Premiere
Kai's Power Tools - Photoshop plug-ins
Kai's Power Goo
Power Photos - Stock photos
Vector Effects - Plug-ins for Illustrator and Freehand

mTropolis - Object-oriented multimedia authoring

ColorIt! - Painting
wwwART - Web graphics editing

Microsoft Typography Home Page
TrueType fonts

3D World - QuickDraw 3D modeling, rendering
MacPlot - Tools for plotting to HPGL, HPGL/2, RTL, 907, CCRF and DMP plotters
PhotoFix - Image editing

Fonts and DTP products

LightWave 3D - 3D modeling, rendering, animation

National Institutes of Health
NIH Image - Scientific and creative image processing

VideoPaint - Painting

PatchDance - Free 3D modeler for PowerMacs

Peirce Software
Print Tools - Print utility
ShareDraw - Shareware drawing program
Smoothie - Anti-aliasing utility for vector PICTs

Pierian Spring
Digital Chisel - Multimedia authoring

Phil's Fonts
Fonts and stuff for fontoholics

Stock photos

Pipeline Digital
Auto Log - Videotape logging
ProVtr - SMPTE time code and VTR control for Premiere and Radius Edit
Pipeline Recorder - Real-time print-to-tape
MediaDeck - Deck control, etc. for Media 100 and others
VTRShop - Frame grabber, print-to-tape

MacRenderMan - 3D rendering engine
Pixar 128 - Seamless textures for 3D rendering

Plastic Thought
3D-Active - 3D clip models, textures, etc.
ActiveArt - 3DMF clip models
Web Works - Browser plug-ins and tools for various 2D and 3D formats

POV Ray - Free 3D modeling, rendering, animation

QuarkImmedia - Multimedia and Internet authoring
Quark XPress / Quark Publishing System - Desktop publishing

Ray Dream
Designer - 3D modeling and rendering
Studio - 3D modeling, rendering, animation
AddDepth 2 - EPS-based 3D extrusion utility
JAG II - Anti-aliasing utility for bitmaps

PixieBrush - Painting

CASmate - Signmaking software
Tracer - Converts bitmaps to vector art

Smart Dubbing [Warning - Frames-only site]
Smart Dubbing - Animated GIF utility

PageStream - Desktop Publishing
BME - Free image processing software

SoftPress Systems
UniQorn - Desktop Publishing with QuickDraw GX support

Infini-D - 3D modeling, rendering, animation
LogoMotion - 3D font animation
Collage - Proxy-based bitmap collaging tool
TextureScape - Texture generator
Web Workshop - Tools for WWW graphics

Instant Replay - QuickTime screen capture
MediaPaint - Rotoscoping
StrataType 3D - 3D type
StudioPro - 3D modeling, rendering, animation
Videoshop - Video editing
Vision 3D - 3D modeling, rendering, animation


LifeArt - Medical illustrations
PS Editlink - FreeHand Xtra for importing EPS and PostScript
Transverter Pro - PostScript and PDF graphic utility

Terran Interactive
Movie Cleaner Pro / Lite - QuickTime enhancement and compression

Textures Unlimited

Three D Graphics
PixelLoom - Textures and texture stuff

Totally Hip Software
Sizzler - Inline animation for WWW
WebPainter - Paint animated GIFs and Sizzler animations

Valis Group
Pixel Putty Solo - 3D modeling, rendering, animation
flo`, Movie flo` - Image warping
Various RenderMan tools

Auto-PICT QT - Video capture for V-LAN compatible controllers

VIDI Visual Information Development, Inc.
Presenter Professional - 3D modeling, rendering, animaiton

Viewpoint Datalabs
3D clipmodels and free Avalon clipmodels

3D Website Builder - VRML authoring
Alien Skin Textureshop - Seamless texture generator
Voyager - VRML Web Browser
VR - Drag and Drop 3D Visualization
Walkthrough Pro - 3D modeling and visualization


Wayzata Technology, Inc
Clip art, stock photos

Free background textures

Imagery - Free file conversion software

Xaos Tools
Fresco - Texture images
Paint Alchemy 2 - Paintlike Photoshop filter
Terrazzo - Photoshop filter for making seamless tiled textures
TypeCaster - Photoshop filter for making 3D text

Amapi - 3D modeling

Zygote Media Group
3D Clipmodels

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