There are tons of great e-zines on the Web, not to mention a slew of Web-based alter-egos of paper magazines. Thanks to this list, you can pick your favorites and then sit there reading stuff off your screen until your eyes fall out.

New or revised listings: Adobe Magazine

Last updated on November 6, 1996

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3DArtist Magazine - 3D graphics magazine for PC and Mac
Adobe Magazine - For users of Adobe products
Digital Video - Online version of paper magazine
Fusion - E-zine for multimedia developers
Get Info - Mac graphics e-zine
ImageSoup - Mac graphics e-zine
LOL [This URL is invalid. Does anyone know if LOL still exists?]
MacArt Magazine [May be dead...?]
Mac*Chat - General Mac e-zine
Mac/Chicago - E-zine for Mac users who live in Chicago. Includes MacFlash, for graphics info
MacFormat Magazine - Online version of UK paper magazine [requires registration]
Mac Net Journal - General Mac e-zine
MacNow - General Mac e-zine
MacUser US - Online version of paper magazine
MacUser UK [They have a nice list of Mac graphics links, too]
MacWEEK - Online version of weekly paper magazine
MacSense - Groovy all-around Mac 'zine
Mac Today - General Mac e-zine
MacWorld - Online version of paper magazine
MediaNews - Multi-platform multimedia news
Multimedia Wire - Multimedia e-zine
Multimedia World Online - Online version of paper magazine
OnLine Design [Can't get in this week. Their DNS seems to be down]
PowerPC News - PowerPC info via WWW or e-mail
Publish RGB - Online version of paper magazine
Serif - Magazine of type and typography
Tesselation Times - Online supplement to 3D Artist Magazine
TidBITS - General Mac e-zine
Typofile Magazine - Typography e-zine
TYP/Typografisch Papier - Type and design e-zine
Virtual MACLIFE - Online version of Japanese general Mac magazine
ZDNet Search - Search all Ziff-Davis publications [MacUser, MacWEEK, etc.]

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