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Formerly John Bigboote's Area51, On The Net Since 1995

From ghosties and ghoulies and beasties and things that go bump in the night, Lord God deliver us.

Welcome to the RayzRealm Chapel, a place of refuge
for Prostitutes, Tax Collectors, Gays, Lesbians, The
Shat Upon, 12 Steppers and others.

The Chapel Bulletin:
Memorials, Journals, Readings

In Loving Memory, Paul Collins, June 1957 - February 2000 This is a eulogy I gave at the funeral of one of the closest friend/companions I have ever had in the world. A childhood friend of Paul's, who has remained as close as a brother to Paul, also gave one. Paul lived his faith, and it showed from the tributes paid by people from inside and outside the churches Paul attended, and the many friends he had. Rest in peace my old friend.

The Gifts Of Sobriety My own 15 year story of growing in sobriety. 03/11/2000
God's Love Someone sent the this insprirational piece about God's love. Author unknown. 03/01/2000
Mea Culpa, I Have Sinned - Part I The childhood years, upuntil military duty. Updated 04/10/2000

Catholic, Episcopal and General Christian Links

Anglicans Online
The Holy See The Vatican page
CIN Catholic Information Network
New Advent Catholic Supersite
Spirituality For Today Very nice Catholic oriented zine.
Catholic League For religious and civil rights
The Catholic Goldmine A wealth of Catholic links
Catholic Information Center On the internet
www.episcopalian.org Major Anglican/Epsicopal site
Institute for Christian Leadership
Netministries Many resource/links
Who Is Jesus? An interactive journey.
In The Footsteps Of The Lord Many resources/links.
Sermons And sermon lectionary resources.
Discovery Papers By Ray C. Stedman Bible study, articles, etc.
Bible Gateway Various versions and languages.
Afterhours Inspirational Stories For all faiths.
Guideposts Magazine Take refuge with us. Daily devotionals.
Into The Wardrobe The C.S. Lewis web site
C.S. Lewis Mega-Links Page
Jon's fRimMin Space A mix of stuff.
Lambert Dolphin's Resource Files A Ton of Christian links.
The Cyber Hymnal Indexed by title, includes, history, midi files, etc.
Greater Things Modern Parables for the Lord's People.
Catholic Page for lovers.
Mainstream baptists
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Christian humor, more liberal views, etc.
A den of Prostitutes and Tax Collectors.

Monestary of Christ in the Desert Brother URL
Christ Path The Ezine for Christian mystics.
Virtual Church Of The Blind Chihuahua Could be hazardous to the fundamentalist mind. Very interesting and thought provoking, with a touch of humor thrown in. A Bigboote fave site!
Landover Baptist Unsaved unwelcome. Well worth a visit!
Christianity From About.com.
The Door Religious satire magazine.
Steps to Recovery From Bible Abuse
Ontario Consultants On religious tolerance.
Peter McWilliams Writer, a lot of thought provoking writing in here. Could be hazardous to mental well being of fundamentalists.
Betty Bowers Is a better Christian than you.
Adult Christianity Miss Poppy.
Killing The Buddha Alternative religion zine.
Sword And Spirit A great alternative Christian site.
And Adam Knew Eve Dictionary of sex in the Bible.
elroy.net The writings of Brian Elroy McKinley.
Blind Fools Apologetics with humor.
The Seer War, peace, spirituality, etc.
Liberals Like Christ Jesus vs Far Right.
Christians For Cannabis Hmmmm.
Interfaith Alliance As the name says.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Hall of Church History
Christus Rex
The Religious Society of Friends Quakers.
The ChristianMystics
Unitarian Universalists Embracing everyone.
Faith & Reason Ministries
Does God Exist?
The Zoo Fence The Spiritual Life commentary.
Religious and Sacred Texts All faiths.
Rapture Ready Are your bags packed?
Armageddon Lobby Pushnig the hand of God.
The First Church of Common Sense Great writing.
Religion Online
Ship of Fools The Magazine of Christian Unrest.
Christian Ecology Good stewards of the planet.
HolySmoke.org Fraud, fake and flim-flam.
First Things Religion and Public Life.
National Catholic Magazine
Rise Of The Republical Religious Right
Mars HIll Forum Religious Questions.
Every Church A Peace Church
Whosoever A zine for LGBT Christians. Excellent and informative.
Dignity USA For Gay Catholics and friends.
Integrity Gay Episcopal
Soulforce Journey to end Gay/Lesbian suffering
Christianity And Homosexuality
Interfaith Working Group
A Pause To Ponder God's word
H.E.R.B. Had enough religious BS
Televangelist Hall Of Shame And Jesus wept.
Evil Bible Home Page
T. Tex's Guide To Religion
Theocracy Watch Tracking the wingnuts.
Absolution Online Online confessional.
Perspectives from the Christian left.
The Goddess A Pagan site, interesting writing.
Forbidden Knowledge Through the ages.
American Buddha Buddhist philosophy.
Liberated Christians
Soujourners Christians for justice and peace.
Chick Makers of those hellfire comics left in laundramats.
The New Pantagruel Hymns in the whorehouse.
Christians Against Bush
Christians Against Bush An other Christian voice.
Believers Against Bush
Just An Inkling Christian perspectives
I Hate Pat Robertson Monitoring the religious right
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A.A. / Addiction Specific

The Official AA Page
Doctor Bob's Home Where it all started
12 Step Cyber Cafe Great site!
Twelve Step Homepage
K-Street Boston gay AA
Sobriety Anniversaries Arranged by month.
Powerfully Recovered Resources for 12 Steppers.
12 Step/Alcoholism Net Links From the Mining Company.
Sobriety And Recovery Resouces A mega-list
Welcome To Soberspace
Web Of Addictions Many addiction resources
SoberTimes Dedicated to Sobriety.
Adult Children of Alcoholics World Service
12Step.org 12 Steps for Recovery.
Open Directory Twelve Step Support list.
Open Directory Health: Addictions.
Grant Me The Serenity Addiction & Recovery.
Mass AA AA meetings in Massachusetts.
Alcoholics Victorious Christians in Recovery
Orange Papers Analysis of A.A.
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Recovery In General, Healing, Meditation

Hope And Healing Spiritual journeys for families affected.
Recovery Emporium Welcomes all people in recovery; lotsa stuff!
Hazelden Recovery publications.
Recovery Online Mega-resource links.
Transformations Self help and recovery forum.
Recovery Anonymous R/A1 Journey into recovery.
Recovery Works Resource Center Dealing with addictions.
Barefoot Bob Survival and freedom page.
Self Improvement Online Many self help resources.
Essence Of Recovery Many 12 Step recovery resources.
Planet Recovery Recovery stories.
The Recovery Zone 12 Step Resource Guide.
12 Step Forums Online 12 Step meetings and chat.
Recovery Jones 12 Step humor.
12 Step City A Community of Recovery.
CyberRecovery Recovery resources
Christian Recovery And Healing
Christians In Recovery Many links
Healing Wings Ministries Christian recovery resources.
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