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General computing, Hardware and Software

Dell Mighty fine peecee's, by mail.
Hewlett Packard Peecee's, printers, scanners, etc.
Microsoft Resistance is Futile, You WILL be assimilated!
Symantec Norton and stuff, great software.
Adobe Systems Home of Acrobat reader.
Allaire Corporation Makers of Cold Fusion, other web stuff, and my personal #1 choice of web page editor, Homesite.
Netscape Netscape homepage.
ICQ Worldwide chat, etc, download free.
Alchemy Mindworks GREAT Graphics Tools! Check them out!
c|net Online - front door
MicroCenter For all your computing needs.
Comp USA Hardwae, software, accessories.
KGP Computer Shows Northeast US.
Winfiles.com Lots of share/freeware for Windoze-95.
Shareware.com Shareware r Us.
Tucows A useful link to more software.
Winzip: Download Page
RealNetworks The home of streaming media.
The Shockzone Free web goodies and graphics.
IconBazaar Tons of icons and stuff.
ActiveWin Ultimate Windows resources. 10/11/00
PC Hell Great tips and hints. 02/13/2004
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Search Engines and BIG Lists.

Search Engines Search engine guide.
Alta Vista
Mamma.com The mother of all search engines.
Dogpile A multi-engine search.
Ask Jeeves Ask about any subject. See what others are asking.
Google An excellent internet search tool.
Alexa Web Search An Amazon.com company
Net Depot Meta search.
About.com Outstanding index by subject.
Suite 101 Large index by category.
Google Groups List of Usenet newsgroups.
How Stuff Works Search for info how something works.
eGroups.com Groups of all sorts, mailing lists, free registration.
Mapquest Plot and course and...go!
Switchboard US Telephone Search Tool.
Yahoo People Search
WhitePages Directory assistance.
The Monster Board Job search.
Career Mosaic Job Search.
Career Path More job search.
eAuto: Everything Automotive A comprehensive directory.
Kelley Blue Book Shopping for a new car?
Mailstart.com Access your e-mail from anywhere. 12/15/00
Digital City Find info on any US city. 05/03/03
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Computer Books And Periodicals

Computer Currents Computer News Zine.
PC World Online
ZDNet Online PC Magazines and much nore.
PC Week Online version of PC Week.
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Programming Languages, Databases, Web, etc.

Tek-Tips Forums Numerous MIS and IT topics, mega-useful.
SuperExpert An online community of computer experts.
Programming Tutorials Excellent site, covers popular languages.
Microsoft Visual Basic From the folks out in Redmond, WA.
VB Wire Visual Basic news and information source.
Visual Basic Web Directory Difinitive index of VB resources.
4 Guys From Rolla Active server info, message board, etc.
Learn ASP By Charles Carroll, useful stuff.
15 Seconds Resouces lists for ASP, web stuff, etc.
Swynk.com System administrator's guide and resources.
SQL Server Magazine Some free articles online.
A List Apart Weekly zine and discussion for web designers.
Web Pages That Suck A how not-to design a site.
Web Developer's Virtual Library Webhead resources.
JavaScript Source Free scripts, tutorials, code, help, etc.
ProjectCool Great tips for building great websites.
Jeffrey Glover A witty and clever designer's site.
Doctor HTML Web page analysis.
Web Site Garage Tune up your website.
The Webmaster's Reference Library
Web Design Group Helping hints on web design.
Really Big Complete resource for web builders. 10/11/00
MaKo 4 CSS Style sheet faqs and tips. 03/23/2002
CSS/Edge CSS Tips and resources. 03/23/2002
W3Schools Free tutorials. 01/10/03
CSS Tutorials 02/13/2004
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