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The links on this page point to library, literary search, news, zine, blog and journal sites.

Book Stores, Article and Zine Indexes

Amazon.com The internet's largest book store.
Barnes And Noble World's largest bookseller online.
Harvard Book Store Harvard Square, Cambridge, Mass.
John Labvitz's E-Zine List Large list by category.
E-Zine Movement E-Zine listing database.
New Pages Alternative media listings.
Reference Desk Find facts on the web.
Federal Citizen Info Center. Free publications.
The Literature Network Online literature.
Orwell Today How Orwell wrote 1984.
NonZero by Robert Wright Logic of human destiny.
World Newsstand
Internet Public Library
Pulpless.Com, Inc
News Search Engine
The Quotations Page Famous Quotes.
The Devils Dictionary
The Book Of Zines Index of zine sites.
The Big Eye Cybercafe web guide
Moose-And-Squirrel Great info hub.
Educate-Yourself All sorts of stuff.
George Orwell's 1984 book online.
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Commercial Newspapers and Zines

The Atlantic Monthly Intellectual E-Zine.
Boston.com A Boston Globe guide.
SFGate San Francisco area news.
Harpers Magazine Literary and cultural journal.
The Village Voice
Reader's Digest Online
Utne Reader Online Alternative news and views.
Mother Jones Interactive
Popular Science Magazine online.
Popular Mechanics Online magazine.
HotWired Wired Magazine Online.
Discover magazine online.
Science Daily Latest research news.
Newspapers Online Links to area news.
Christian Science Monitor CS Online.
New Dawn Magazine Home Page.
ScienceDaily Magazine
The New Yorker
Asia Times
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Humor, Irony, Satire, Animation, etc

Ask Doctor Science He knows more than you do.
Adbusters An interesting zine and more.
Darwin Awards Page True stories of human stupidity.
Bob's Fridge Door Skewed news.
Bob From Accounting News Alternatives.
Humor Is Dead Political satire.
News of the Weird People ARE indeed strange.
RMT Riddle Me, animations.
BigFatBaby.com Tons of fun, pictures, jokes.
Got Laughs Greetings, jokes, fun.
Mark Fiore Animated political cartoons.
This Modern World By Tom Tomorrow.
Church Of The Subgenius All hail Bob.
Swineopia The Clueless Rich.
Nothing Sacred
The Daily Hog All the News You Can Use.
Godsrighthand Political Satire.
The Specious Report
The Wired Press Mediocre journalism.
Barry Crimmins Political satirist.
The Funny Times
Chihuahuaboy Humor and satire.
FAUX News The most powerful smell in news.
Total Obscurity! A You gotta visit! site
Disinfotainment Today
The Uncoverer Great news satire.
Freepressed Satirical news.
National Lampoon
Ronald Reagan Home for the criminally insane,.
Constant Commentary Mike Jasper.
The Borowitz Report Great political satire.
Broken News Satire
Humor In The News Satire in today's news
Republican Press Neocon satire center
Dead Brain Spoofs, comedy, satire
Washington Pox Political satire.
Humor Gazette
Weekly World News Supermarket tabloid.
Daily Beast
The Toilet An American tradition since 1997
Modern Mirth
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Independent and Personal zines & blogs - 1

Diarist.net Index of online diaries and journals.
Sumeria Excellent site! Alternative medical, scientific, political.
Will Brady's Online Journal A hog heaven of links and material
Short Notes Will Brady's blog
Peter McWilliams Writer, a lot of thought provoking writing.
The Onion The news with a bizarre twist.
Pugzine Weird, interesting, etc.
Pigdog Journal Handbook for bad people of the future.
Grumble An unusual web zine.
First Church Of Common Sense Great stuff.
Spike Magazine Picking the brains of popular culture.
The Stranger Entertainment, society, gossip, etc.
John Newmeyer Essays and journals. Very nice site.
Paladar's World of FanFic Large fiction index.
Find Articles A search engine for finding articles.
Arts And Letters Daily News and reviews.
Pop Politics Where popular and political crash.
Non-Pussies Personal journalists who code by hand.
Ploughshares Literary journal at Emerson College.
Boston's Weekly Dig Boston independent zine.
Madeleine Begun Kane Humor columnist.
Jim Romenesco's Obscure Store and Reading Room.
Fark.com Drew Curtis. All sorts of stuff.
Independent Media Center
The Mahablog
Bad Attitudes Magazine, Mysteries, Novels
Cyberjournal.org Home Page.
Kurt Nimmo's Another Day in the Empire.
Moby The pop performer's site and blog.
James Glaser
The World of Micah Ian Wright
Stim Men Women's Issue zine.
The Beast Buffalo's New Best Fiend.
Totse.com Some strange stuff.
Crisis Papers
The Cynic's Sanctuary
David Swanson
The Last Ditch
One Hand Clapping
The Wacky Iraqi
Awake In The Dream
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Independent and Personal zines & blogs - 2

Swans Commentary Ideas, opinions
Rightwing Slayer Blog.
The Bean Magazine Eminently forwardable.
Clamor Magazine
TheScreamOnline The arts.
The Daily Review News blog.
Rat Haus Reality Index of articles.
Info Clearing House Insightful news and comment.
Morons.org Engage Your Brain.
Progressive Review Home Page
Lumpen News, media, world.
Memes Memes are mind viruses.
Peter Kurth Some great writing.
Daily Gusto News.
The Practical Radical
Mark Perkel Rantz
Mykeru Pissed off American
Poor And Stupid The conspiracy
The Rude Macedon
The Slab Political blog.
Dumb And Dubya Guess who.
Eject Bush
Billmon Free thinking.
Above Top Secret News Network
Kill Your Television
Unpopular Ideas Blog.
Free Press Progressive news.
Fantastic Planet Blog.
The Middle Class News for the masses.
M. Kane Jeeves Political blog.
Baghdad Burning Iraqi blog.
Hacker Quarterly
Zen Of Design
Mack White Secrets and lies
Issues And Alablis Uncle Ernie
Bag News
Treehouse Hero
News For Real
News Fare
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Gay Lesbian Zines and Journals.

Baywindows Boston weekly rag.
Life On Brian's Beat Nice site, journals plus lots of other stuff.
Blithe House Gay fiction periodical.
Independent Gay Forum Literary gay issues forum.
Gip Plaster's Gayscribe.com Gay journalism.
The Other Stream David from Planet Soma's Journals.
Just A Little Queer GLBT Journal site index.
Rick Bebout - Toronto Canada Journals about gay life.
Brucew.com Interesting site, journals, recovery, etc.
The Gully News with a queer slant.
Michelangelo Signorille Gay journalist and author.
365gay.com Gay news.
RFD Queer country living.
Alan Ilagan Gay writer and blog.
Monstrously Offensive
Gay News Blog
Gay Spirituality And Culture
Stoopid Inelligence Mike Tidmus blog
Edge Boston Gay news & entertainment
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Resources for writers

Writer's Digest The insider's guide to the writing life.
Freelance Writers Reources The writer's home.
Creative Nonfiction Journal for non fiction writers.
For Writers Resources for those who write.
Contentions Zine for online content writers.
Net Author On-line resources for writers.
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