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The library annex contains mostly links ot sites dealing with left of center leaning politics and world affairs. 

Major Hubs and Individual Journalists

Link Crusader Big categorized political index.
BuzzFlash Politics and world affairs major hub.
AlterNet Great news site, large archive.
Bartcop's Political Humor Daily rants, great site.
Michael Moore Film maker, social satirist, great site.
Noam Chomsky Archives.
Head Blast By David Cogswell.
Subversive Talk Political articles.
AnitaRoddick.com Anita Roddick, The Body Shop.
R.B. Ham
Zepp's Politics Interesting perspective.
NOW on PBS Bill Moyers commentary.
Granny D. Home Page A 92 year old activist.
Rack Jite Liberal opinion and humor.
No More Fake News Jon Rappoport, daily comment.
Bartcop Reader From Bartcop.
Sherman Skolnick's Report
Lew Rockwell
Daniel Ellsberg A Memoir of Vietnam.
Talking Points Memo By Joshua Micah Marshall.
The Angry Liberal
The Writings Of Greg Palast
VoxFux The real story.
Bartcop Entertainment Also from bartcop.
The Hampster Blog and news.
Soul Of A Citizen Paul Rogat Loeb.
Buckminster Fuller Institute
Jim Hightower America's #1 Populist
Hightower Lowdown Jim Hightower.
America's Autopsy Report John Kaminski.
Mike Hersh
S. Brian Wilson Peace activist.
Conspiracy Pen Pal
Non Zero Robert Wright
Sander Hicks Rebel journalism.
Nathan Callahan
Turning the Tide Noam Chomsky
American Civil Liberties Union ACLU
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Political, World and Social Issues - Isle 1

Political Research Associates Watching the political right.
Reason Online Libertarian news and opinion zine.
Frontpage Magazine Political Correctness and other follies.
American Newspeak Satirical zine on 90's doublespeak.
Blazing Tattles Environment, pollution. etc.
The Stranger News, arts, current events and more.
MoveOn MoveOn.org
Serendipity Geopolitics and much more.
WireTap Youth in pursuit of the truth.
In These Times Independent news and views.
Freezerbox Politics and culture on planet Earth.
Public-I Reports from Center for Public Integrity.
Grist Magazine Environmental news and humor.
Znet Politics and social commentary.
CounterPunch Political news letter.
Conscious Choice Environmentalist issues.
Democratic Underground Political news and views.
Wage Slave Journal Weekly news.
Liberal Slant Eye on corporate owned media.
Online Journal News for the people.
The Smirking Chimp More satirical news.
The Rational Radical Take back out country.
Working For Change news and views.
Propaganda Matrix Exposing the New World Order.
What Did They Know They'll never tell.
Guerilla News Network Name says it all.
Yellow Times
Upper-Left Edge Rational dialogue.
Electronic Frontier Freedom of speech.
Consortium News Politics and other lunacy.
News From Babylon NFB Homepage
The New Enlightenment
Bear Left Get Your Leftist Bearings.
From The Wilderness Publications on the web.
ThruthOut News, Politics.
The Daily Weasel
Progressive Populist
Not In Our Name Speak for yourself George.
History News Network Interesting writings.
Fallout Shelter News
The Weekly Lowdown
eRipose Societal issues
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Political, World and Social Issues - Isle 2

Parascience Website
The People's Investigation of 9/11
Welcome To Black World Today!
The Smoking Gun
Capitol Hill Blue
The Black Press African American issues.
The Black Commentator Home Page.
Thought You Should Know News, Politics, Opinions.
The Black Flag
Eat the State! From Seattle.
Political Pulpit Liberal politics.
Beyond Mainstream Alternative voice.
Strike The Root A journal of liberty.
The American Reporter Daily Newspaper.
Global Security.org
Red Flags Weekly Raising issues.
What Really Happened
Brother Jonathen Gazette
Internet Weekly Report Weblog and News.
The Disclosure Project
HowDareThey.org More Democracy.
Stay Free Magazine home page.
Media Monitors Network
Third World Traveler Alternative media.
Nizkor Project Dedicated to Holocaust victims.
American Jabber
Real History Archives
At Wit's End
BlackState African-American views.
The Rumor Mill News Agency
American Politics Journal
LEXREX Rescuing the Republic.
The Emperor's New Clothes
Feral News Undomesticated Information.
Index On Censorship Latest News.
Connect The Dots and the truth emerges.
Prison Planet Knowledge to Escape.
CoBalt Making tin-foil hats fashionable.
Mind Freedom Free your mind.
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Political, World and Social Issues - Isle 3

Dog Skin Report Political blog.
American Political Journal Challenging media spin.
Build Freedom Free World Order.
Dissident Voice
Unamerican Lost in space, free speech.
Refuse And Resist
Global Spin News from abroad.
Questions Questions Current events.
Wasteland Of The Free
Cronus Connection Progressive Politics.
American Patriot Friends Network
Old American Century Liberal News
BushFlash Hard hitting animations
Three World Wars
Resident Bush Without the P.
Infowars Alex Jones.
ThoughtCrimeNews Cutting through propaganda.
A Voice Of Freedom Essays
Project For New American Empire.
Assassinated Press Making liars eat their lies.
The Independent Institute
Trimmed Bush Blog
The Bushiad and the Ideossey
Media Transparency The money behind the media.
Global Gulag New World Order.
The Four Reasons for responsible citizenship.
Toward A Counter Movement
Right Is Wrong
The Federal Observer
America For Sale
Dollars And Sense Economic justice zine..
100777 A Site for truth seekers.
Crimes And Corruptions of the New World Order.
World Crisis Web world news.
Max Blumenthal blog.
Hategun manufacturing dissent.
Hoffmania American condition chronicle.
George Walker Bush Commander in Thief.
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Military Veterans - God Bless'em All!

Veterans for Common Sense
VAIW Veterans Against Iraq War.
Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist.
Vets For Justice Veterans rights info.
New England Shelter For Homeless Vets
Veterans Of Foreign Wars VFW Main page.
Herc's Hooch Viet Nam Vet's page.
Welcome Home Soldier
Department Of Veterans Affairs VA Main page
Anti-Sheep Resist corporate exploitation.
Bluejacket Naval History and images.
Military.com Benefitting all military branches.
Military Corruption
U.S. Veterans Resource
Vet Links
Veterans United For Kerry
War Veterans
David H. Hackworth Soldier and author.
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