15 September 2003

It's been quite some time nothing happened. Rom's had been quite busy, but we think PsychicMP3 has still a role to play here so we decided to reopen the site and change the host. Enjoy !

29 July 2002

PsychicMP3 has been recommended on TechTV (channel 354). TechTV is the world's first cable television network dedicated to covering high tech news, the latest products, and the digital lifestyle.

According to FreeDB statistic page, the CDDB database has been queried 175112 times by PsychicMP3 in June 2002, and 141891 times last week !

19 June 2002

It's been one month the MP3 community is talking about PsychicMP3. I Added even more reviews to the Press and Awards page, in particular the one from Download.com. This time, FreeDB reported 42,000 connections per week and 128,000 connections the last days of May 2002 !

Also thanks a lot to all of you for the nice feedback we get ! There will be a new version released during the summer.

21 May 2002

Added some reviews to the Press and Awards page. FreeDB reported more than 25,000 PsychicMP3 queries the first week after release !

15 May 2002

Fixed a problem with the installer. Now PsychicMP3 also installs on Windows XP Pro.

10 May 2002

Hi there ! The web site has been updated with some screenshots (in the Basic Information section) and the FAQ section as well. Also a lot of effort was put to release a bug-free version of PsychicMP3 for the 11th of May 2002.

This version brings a lot of new exiting functionalities, like a manual CDDB query in case some MP3 files are missing. Also a new filename template editor that allows you to create, load and save your favorite filename formats ! And more...

09 May 2002

The new name of "CDDB MP3 Tool" is "PsychicMP3". The first release (v2.00) is almost ready. Until it's ready you can still download the old version here.

You can take a look at a screenshot on the "Basic Information" page. Here you can also read about some of the features of the new version.

The application has been recoded from the ground up in C++ so it's a lot faster that the previous versions which is coded in Visual Basic.


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