Call No. 7: Organize MP3s Jason from Carthage, Texas, wants to know if there is an application that will organize his MP3s into folders. Leo and Patrick recommend PsychicMP3. It can take your MP3s, check the information for them against a CDDB database online, and perform any necessary corrections. It can then sort the MP3s into folders by artists and album.


"PsychicMP3 un logiciel super sympa permettant de renommer ses fichiers MP3 composant un album en seulement 2 clics :) !" - French translation of PsychicMP3 can be found here - Traduction de PsychicMP3 en francais sur le site de

"PsychicMP3 - Essential !"

PsychicMP3 è un innovativo programmino che permette di rinominare e compilare velocemente ed automaticamente le informazioni contenute nell'ID dei file audio in formato MP3, richiamandole direttamente da un CDDB database su internet. Il programma riesce a calcolare il DiskID direttamente dalla cartella che contiene i file MP3 e manda una richiesta di informazioni a vari database (FreeDB) che forniscono i titoli, l'autore e altre informazioni sui brani musicali da noi selezionati. Nel caso in cui il brano non venga riconosciuto o in caso di più associazioni a dischi diversi, comparirà una finestra che permetterà la scelta manuale delle informazioni corrispondenti al brano in questione.

PsychicMP3 es un potente, rápido y fácil programa de renombrado de archivos MP3s capaz de obtener el título de las canciones a partir de una base de datos CDDB. Olvídate de perder más tiempo renombrando tus archivos MP3, con Psychic MP3 ahora basta con pinchar y automáticamente el programa obtendrá el nombre del archivo y lo renombrará. PsychicMP3 calcula el identificador de los archivos y realiza las preguntas oportunas a la base de datos, obteniendo de esta manera los campos ID3Tag asociados. Soporta albums MP3 incompletos, preguntas manuales a la base de datos CDDB, permite creación de playlists, soporta proxys y es compatible con todas las plataformas Windows.

For those of us managing more than a few dozen MP3 files on our hard drives (and who isn't ?), PsychicMP3 (Windows, freeware) looks to be extremely useful. The program hooks into the FreeDB to retrieve album/artist/track info, and allows you to format that info to whatever naming convention you prefer. (artist - album - track - title, for example) Most MP3 ripping utilities already do something similar to this, but don't facilitate the renaming of tracks that already exist in MP3 format on the hard drive. With PsychicMP3 you can place all the tracks of an album (named whatever... it doesn't matter) into a directory, and run the program to quickly format them all.

Very good, easy to use and usefull for the big mp3 collector. seems to be very reliable, and I like the features that allows you to create your own naming pattern for all the mp3s.

" This is exactly what I've been looking for !!! Renaming these mp3 albums will no longer be a problem. Moreover, this software is (very!) easy to use and looks beautiful. And if, like me, you are encoding mp3s that for some raeson you can't rename, while encoding, you need this software. Perfect also for renaming the tracks from one long mp3 (once split). Well, this is just an amazing job!! "

PsychicMP3 is a straightforward, fast, and easy-to-use MP3 renaming utility that uses one of the freedb sites to retrieve the MP3 titles! PsychicMP3 calculates a diskid from your MP3 directory, and then queries freedb to get the associated disk information and ID3Tag/Rename the files. If the disk is not found in freedb, the program will query a search engine to get the right disk information and then requery freedb with the right diskid. Check at : !

Lorqu'il sagissait de renommer des MP3 à la chaine, notre petit préféré à la rédaction c'était Tag&Rename, très puissant mais payant. Les choses risquent bien de changer avec l'arrivée d'un gratuit qui fait des miracles : PsychicMP3.

Ce logiciel permet de renommer des fichiers MP3 composant un album en 2 clics. Après avoir choisi le répertoire contenant l'ensemble des morceaux de l'album, il suffit de cliquer sur "Query" pour que le logiciel interroge la base FreeDB et récupère les informations de l'album puis sur "Rename Files" pour que les modifications soient appliquée au tags MP3 et aux noms de fichiers suivant le schéma que vous aurez choisi.

PsychicMP3 is a tool that will rename and assign ID3 tags to your mp3s automaticly by accessing the CDDB. This is a beautiful thing and I was cursing at my mp3s for not being properly named... Now, they're all named lovingly and my copy of Beatles' 1 has titles! Yay.

PsychicMP3 is a tool that will treat a directory of MP3 files as an Audio CD and access a FreeDB (CDDBp) server to retrieve information about the MP3 files. Can rename and/or ID3-tag the files based on the information retrieved. It displays MP3 type (VBR/CBR) and bitrate and also includes a structure checker to verify the MP3 files. The list of CDDBp servers can be edited and it is even possible to configure the program to access a local CDDBp server.


CDDB MP3 Tool v1.01 [257k] W9x/2k/XP FREE

{Download MP3 info} A CDDB server is pretty cool when it comes to your audio CDs. You load the disc, and the song and artist information is right at your fingertips. This application does the same thing for any local directory that contains MP3 files. It's a great way to retrieve information and update those songs - or to change ID3 tags which might not be correct. You can choose from a list of participating CDDB servers. "It displays MP3 type (VBR / CBR) and bitrate and also includes a structure checker to verify the MP3 files."

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