The Legume Liberation League
by Diann

In this country alone, even as these words are read, millions of innocent and helpless living creatures are being tortured alive. Some are tossed into cauldrons of boiling hot water; others suffer the indignities of being steamed to slow deaths in pressure cookers and crock pots, and countless thousands more are being masticated alive. Yes, the lot of a vegetable in America is not a pleasant or a happy one.

From artichokes to beans, from celery to eggplant, from grapes to kiwi fruits, from lettuce to mangoes, from onions to persimmons, from raspberries to turnips, from yams to zucchini, the entire world of vegetables, fruits and nuts is under assault by the inconsiderate masses of humanity who wantonly destroy hapless vegetation which lacks even the animal's capacity for escape. Hordes of humanity will thoughtlessly destroy whole fields of produce without betraying even the slightest thought of concern towards the sensitive feelings of these beautiful plant forms as they die.

You've saved the whales. You've Banned the Bomb. Now, are you ready for the greatest challenge of them all: The rights of the least of our brethren on this Spaceship Earth? Boycott the eating and destruction of fruits, vegetables, and nuts!

Read on for salient facts:

It is well-established that plants are sensitive to human emotions. Houseplants have been shown to have an affinity for music. Think of this the next time you snap that celery stalk -- plants can and do feel pain.

Under the guise of "salad", many plants are ingested while still *horrors* raw and ALIVE. These victims, were their root systems still intact (it is another barbarous practice to remove roots from a living plant), would be able to grow and live normal, healthy lives. Indeed, many plants are able to regenerate new roots, and for them it is a double crime to end their lives so short of their goal. Eating living matter in such a state is no less disgusting in today's civilized world as eating still-breathing poultry or cattle.

The eating of nuts is actually a form of plant abortion, as nuts are actually tiny plant embryos who have not yet had the chance to experience the wonders and the glories of life. If you are Pro-Life, you will not touch another nut.

In this society, humans eat far more fruits (the female portion) than flowers (generally incorporating both the male and female portion of the plant). How this sexist behavior of avoiding the eating of the male plant portions arose would fill volumes. If you have at all had your consciousness raised by feminist thought, you will desist immediately from the eating and murder of fruits, if only to atone for the centuries of domination of the male over the defenseless female fruit. Many fruits also contain edible seeds -- as with the nuts, eating these destroys countless unborn embryos.

There is a callous brutality exceeding anything in the meat-packing industry when it comes to shipping the unlucky legumes, fruits, nuts and assorted vegetables, and in displaying them in "produce" departments. Damaged and dying vegetables intermingle among the reasonably healthy ones, all jam-packed together with little breathing room -- a barbarous practice, to say the least, which insults the dignity of any plant.

Supermarket-grade vegetables are all-too-frequently subject to additional indignities -- tomatoes are force-fed ethylene glycol while still immature in order to induce a bright red color; bananas are injected to keep them artificially fresh longer -- the horror stories of these drug-induced plant stupors abound. Even the living conditions while these poor creatures are growing in the field are less than optimal -- being sprayed by deadly insecticides, being force-fertilized with unnatural chemicals and plant hormones, being made to grow in overcrowded conditions, being forced to live only among other plants of their own kind, without the needed stimuli of the diversity of their natural habitat.

And the horror of the existence of many of the genetically-altered and very unnatural plants which humanity has created is almost inconceivable to many people today -- it is well to remember that the Aztecs, while they were sacrificing humans upon their altars, were likewise sacrificing corn upon the altar of genetic perfectability.

Another spine-chilling horror foisted upon the plant kingdom is in the pulverizing of helpless and living fruit and vegetable flesh into various jams, jellies, and jucices. The same thing happens in the manufacture of that vegetable staple, ketchup.

What can YOU do?

Write your Congressperson. Boycott all grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Boycott all products made from grains, fruits, vegetables or nuts. Support research in the creation of artificial food. A lot of progress is being made in this area, as evidenced by a close read of food label ingredients. If you have already ceased eating most animal matter for similar reasons, be aware that one may still safely eat non-fertilized chicken eggs, milk, and milk products (even yogurt -- the Yeast and Paramecium Protection Party are obvious crackpots -- single-celled organisms haven't the capacity to feel pain). Drink water. Stop using plant names in a derogatory fashion -- calling people fruity or nutty or vegetable-like in an uncomplimentary manner only makes it harder for the true nuts and fruits and the rest of the vegetable kingdom to come into their own natural rights, free from discrimination.

And, don't forget to support the Legume Liberation League in its unending legal struggle to ban the importation and sale of vegetable matter anywhere. We at LLL are also considering seeking voting rights for those plants at or over legal age.

Remember: Plants were here first. Don't they get any respect?

Thank you for your generous support in this time of crisis. Please donate early and often.

You are encouraged to request our other pamphlet, "Houseplant Liberaton: An Idea Whose Time Has Come".

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