Friends and their Websites

This is definitely a mixed collection of websites -- I know a variety of folks with a variety of interests, and as more them start to create their own websites... more will appear!

The eyes have it.

* Avram's site, Pigs and Fishes. Stuff on SF, comics, and miscellaneous. A NYC buddy from Golden APA¹. New address, and much more stuff.

* Feminists Against Censorship. Put together by Avedon Carol, over in Great Britain.

* Steve Brinich's Home Page. Well, I just met him, in the pages of Golden APA. His interests include filk music, science fiction, the search for extraterrestrial contact, and politics.

* Womenfolk. A website founded by Anne, whom I met on CompuServe. It's a nice homey place where one can settle in with a cup of tea and browse around relaxedly. No frenetic jumping about, there.

* Hannah M.G. Shapero's site. Hannah is a SF/fantasy artist, and her pages highlight some very good art. As well as thoughtful reflections on religion, etc.

* Elaine's Page. Rubber stamp art, horses, Colorado. I met her through the pages of A Woman's APA.

* Ron Hale-Evans. He used to live here in Connecticut, and published the zine Singularities. He has a wide range of interests, and now lives in the Pacific Northwest.

* Sean and Sarah's site. Highlight may well be "Little Pig Boy", Sarah's car which makes headlines. I keep stumbling over these folk in various APAe. They currently hail from North Carolina.

* Sadie O's Bat Roost. We're mutual fans of the comics writer Neil Gaiman. She's also got some interesting music info. Indeed, we originally met on Rocknet, CompuServe.

* Brian Duguid's site. A UK chap in Frank's APA (an APA for "People Who Claim to Like Music").

* Opi's Opal Sun website. A mixture of things. I knew Opi and his wife Margo from way back when when we were all active in the Society for Creative Anachronism, and Margo went to college with me.

* Eric Raymond's site. Eric's a computer hacker, author, and flautist whom I've known since the early 80's, even though I occasionally lose track of him. His book, The New Hacker's Dictionary, comes recommended.

* Allyson Dyar's site. She enjoys creating websites, and although we've never met, we share the pages of A Woman's APA.

* Vicki Rosenzweig's site. A New York fan (science fiction), her site has links to pages where people write about topics simple and complex of interest to them, as well as her own writing about things in her life. We probably met up in some science fiction convention or another.

* Kit Mason's pages. I've only just "met" her through the pages of Golden APA. Her pages mostly seem to be about the TV series, The Highlander.

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¹ APA = Amateur Press Association. Originally an invention of the Science Fiction fandom community, they've sprouted up all over on any and no particular topic. Have been described as a "cocktail party in print", and are sort of a snail mail equivalent to newsgroups, only slower, typically (but not necessarily) more thoughtful, and more selective. (And you don't get pestered with all the useless drek spam that some lamebrained participants of Usenet want to flood your mailbox with...)

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