Foxglove Ashburton Tropicana ("Kip")


CH Barwoods Legal Tender, ROM
Tara Hill It Hasta Be Shasta (litter brother to CH Tara Hill All Is Vanity)
Tara Hill Dearly Precious
CH Tara Hill Aylmere Wild Card
Dan Dee For The Moment ("Lazer")
Dan Dee Orange Fragrance
Dan Dee What Dreams Delight
CH Aylmere Foxglove You Bet
CH Benayr Here Comes Trouble, CD, RO
CH Benayr Sentimental Journey
Benayr Make My Day, ROM
Aylmere Amanda Leigh
Am./Can. CH Rorralore Sportin' Chance, Am./Can. CD, ROM
Aylmere Karma
Rorralore Sugar Babe
CH Sunnybrook's Heritage Spirit, ROM
Am./Can. CH Alfenloch Ryan O'Neil, ROM
Can. CH Alfenloch Brooke Shields ("Heritage Spirit")
Am/Can./Jap. CH Alfenloch Whirlwind, ROM
CH Sunnybrook's Heritage Spirit, ROM
Am./Can. CH Alfenloch Tatum O'Neil
Can. CH Alfenloch Brooke Shields ("Heritage Spirit")
Foxglove Ashburton Ingenue (major pts.)
CH Fourwinds Light The Way, ROM
CH Trelane Bold Image
Trelane Woodwyn Imagine That
CH Malpsh Penny Serenade
CH Cameo Farms Justinuff Spirit ("Heritage Spirit")
CH Malpsh The Magic Is Back
CH Westwood's Malpsh Cherry Flan ("Heritage Spirit")

"Kip," born December 31, 1994, was an accident-prone puppy, to say the least. At nine weeks of age, he broke one of his rear legs when he toppled over while standing up against an ex-pen. Apparently, his toes were caught under the bottom of the pen as he fell backwards. Fortunately, it was a clean break and healed nicely. We started to think about showing him as an older puppy, but before we could make any entries, he managed to catch a tree branch while playing and tear a large, deep gash on his left side. The vet shaved his hair and stitched him back up -- no lasting damage, but no puppy show career either.

Like his dam, Janey (Foxglove Ashuburton Ingenue, maj. pts.), Kip has been a slow maturer. While waiting to grow up a bit more before making his conformation ring debut, Kip was living with co-owner Nancy Tappe (Thistle Hill Shelties) in Monticello, Arkansas, where he was training for competitive obedience. Unfortunately, at the end of March 1998, Kip was released from Nancy's yard by a pet sitter and frightened away. He is still missing. We believe he was probably picked up by someone, and we fear he has been sold to a puppy mill. Kip is microchipped and tatooed with his AKC number, and we still hope he will come home again. A reward is offered for information leading to his recovery. If you have information about his whereabouts, please contact Foxglove or send e-mail to Nancy by clicking here.


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