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Sold or Co-owned

As you can see, we've sold some of our "good ones." We're pleased that these dogs are making positive contributions to the breeding programs of other responsible breeders. We are proud to co-own several of them, and we cherish our friendships with their primary owners.

 CH Foxglove Ashburton Elegy (Avalon)
 BISS CH Foxglove Cinnabar Carrera (Cinnabar)
 CH Ashburton Foxglove Nickelodeon (Starmist & Cinnabar)
 CH Foxglove Ashburton Photo Op (Suntera)
 CH Foxglove Ashburton Macarena (Chisterling)
 Suntera Foxglove Charmed Life, major pts. (Suntera)
 Suntera Foxglove Photo Finish, major pts. (Suntera)
 Cinnabar Foxglove In Hi Gear, 13 points/3 majors (Cinnabar)
 Foxglove Hartwyn I Like Ike (Hartwyn)
 Foxglove Conbrio The Jig Is Up (Conbrio)
 Foxglove Thistle Hill Kahlua (Thistle Hill)
 Foxglove Shutterbug (Thistle Hill)
 Foxglove Ashburton Cadence (Heathcliff)

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