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My preferences in music (so you know what to get me for the next available holiday! -- right.)

Eclectic and iconoclastic -- don't care for most Top 40; as far as my ears are concerned you can bury every Whitney Houston, Paula Abdul, Barry Manilow, and Enya album in a hole with spent fuel rods for ten thousand years. For me, all "background music" has to pass the "foreground" test, first. However, each to their own. Not much for showtunes, or for rap, or opera, or big band, or elevator music, either. About every thing else is fair game, although I'd rather collect songs about Elvis than by Elvis himself. (What's left, I hear you ask plaintively.)

Celtic (Irish, English, Scottish, Welsh), World (African, Andean, Aussie, klezmer, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and more), Cajun, Zydeco, Classical (especially Early music, but also the Romantics and Baroque era, and oh, yes, Beethoven; and a sucker for harpsichord), Blues (American, British), a few forms of Jazz (Dixieland), Bluegrass, some humorous Country, footstompin' Country (but not the whiny stuff), some reggae, New Age IF and WHEN it has notable world music influences, Rock (progressive, hard, metal, ballads, "alternative" [whatever this means]), selective by quality of music and vocals (determined by my tastebuds, okay? The reason I don't like Aerosmith isn't because it is "hard", it's because I don't like the way they do it). Crossover music -- stuff that is more than one of the above things. I really LOVE crossover. And, yes, I understand the desire for cultural purity, but my thought is that if the crossover is documented as such (not passed off as genuine music or whatever from a particular culture), and if sources of the original traditional music remain, no problem. Music isn't meant to store in an isolation chamber; it evolves. Emotive vocalists against a strong and inventive musical background are highly appreciated. Life is a range of emotions, thoughts, and interpretations; for me, music reflects this.


Music Links, where obtained, to things I like:

Massive Attack

Favorite classical pieces: Beethoven's 9th Symphony; Smetana's Moldau (from Ma Vlast); Bach's Goldberg Variations, Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Plus all that early Renaissance and Elizabethan dance music.

Load up on the garlic!! Proscuitto on the side!

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