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A Word From The NCASDLA President

Tom Sellner is the president of NCASDLA.

NCASDLA Presidentís Message
November, 2017
Tom Sellner

This message was originally published in the November, 2017 issue of Calls n' Cues.


Dancing is one of the best and most enjoyable exercises you can do. All people have a psychological need for human contact. After World War II many babies who had lost their parents in the war were dying because they were not held enough. Business men satisfy this need by shaking hands all day. One way people can satisfy this need to be touched is by dancing. Square dancing is especially good for providing human contact. Think about how many times you shake hands while dancing at a square dance. If you also round dance then you get even more contact and physical exercise per night. So getting your family and other people to dance is a wonderful gift you can give. When people lose people thru death or other reasons, they often find dancing a great way to pass the time and gain human contact and exercise.

Injuries and arthritis can cut your dancing life short. I had to stop square dancing when I had back problems. I went to the pool to exercise and make use of the healing quality of the water. After 16 years I am able to square dance again.

Deep soreness can occur after a three day square dance festival. Your muscles need calcium when you exercise. When the muscles don't get enough calcium, they steal calcium from your bones. This is sometimes quite painful. So if you dance a lot you should take calcium supplements before you dance to reduce or prevent pain.

Whenever you exercise you build up lactic acid in your muscles. It is important to stretch after you exercise to get rid of the lactic acid. So stretch before exercising to reduce chances of injury, and stretch after exercise to get rid of the lactic acid which can cause pain.

I go to the pool every day to stretch and exercise to help my arthritis and help prevent future pain and injury. If you want to be able to walk around the block when you are 90, then go to the pool and dance. There is no better e xercise. If you don't, you will only be able to sit and watch.

I wish you long dancing years full of great joy and good health. May God watch over you and all your loved ones.

Tom Sellner President of NCASDLA

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