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Dick Otis is the president of NCASDLA.

NCASDLA Presidentís Message
July - August, 2020
Dick Otis

This message was originally published in the July-August, 2020 issue of Calls n' Cues.

Greetings dancers and friends. On June 14th the National Capital Area Square Dance Leaderís Association (NCASDLA) conducted their annual meeting with a Zoom conference - a new experience for us all. It was my pleasure to be elected the new NCASDLA President relieving Steve Lucius from his many, many years of service. As past President, Steve is still around and will be active in the future direction of the organization. Thank you Steve!

We are so proud to announce that this year, our organization membership almost doubled to 28 new or re-upping members! Twenty-two members attend the hour plus annual meeting where we elected the following positions.

Dick Otis - President
Gary Felton - Vice President
Eva Murray - Secretary
Al Taylor - Treasurer

Board of Directors - (one new member
Bill Harrison - 3 years
Jim Wass - 2 years remaining
Tom Sellner - 1 year remaining

I would like to personally acknowledge departing BOD member Pete Kasper, who has served on the BOD, or in various other positions, for many years. Pete will continue to work on-going projects with Tom Sellner, who brought up the idea of other options for folks to try dancing without touching hands, that he and others have come up with a way to do this. Call him for more information on how you can do this and start: 443-812-8048.

NCASDLA desires to expand our relationship with the Round Dance Teachers Association (RDTA) of Greater Washington DC area. Ken Ryder is the president. Christina Eum is the secretary. Dom Filardo is the education chair. Bill Harrison, suggested that maybe the 2 round dance organizations could coordinate and work together to see about putting on a longer education session, like 5 hours, not just 1 hour. NCASDLA members Ken Ryder and Christine Eum will raise this at the next RDTA meeting.

Last year I proposed a different approach to calling by the NCASDLA Callers at the WASCA Festival and had it scheduled as such for the 2020 Festival. It was going to be one hour of PLUS and one hour of ADVANCE at 10am on Friday, and 1 hour of Mainstream/Plus and one hour of Advance on Saturday. This change was made to see if dancer participation would pick up. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic made this plan OBE. However, we plan to do it next year the WASCA festival (positive thinking).

Everyone was concerned about how we are going to get back to Square Dancing. The future is not clear, but in the meantime, Virtual Square Dancing has taken off. Please see my Choreo Corner article in the July-August issue of Calls 'n' Cues.

Keep dancing everyone.

Dick Otis

President of NCASDLA

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