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New calls and definitions, are frequently added to the various lists.  Whether you are a dancer or caller, you owe it to yourself and the square dance world to keep abreast of changes and to dance regularly  to become proficient callers and dancers.

Recent Notes and articles from NCASDLA Members
Callerlab Resources

There is a wealth of information available on the Callerlab web site.

Particularly useful is the documentation, in .pdf format, for the Basic/Mainstream and plus programs.

Oral History of Square Dancing

Bob Brundage has made available to everyone the fruits of an oral history project on major figures of square and round dancing. He says:

"My intention when I started in 1996 was to record personal and career highlights with all the living Sets In Order Hall of Fame, Milestone and Silver Halo Award recipients and talk to as many others who had made a major contribution to our activity as possible along the way. Fortunately many of these taped interviews are available to read and/or listen to on the Square Dance Foundation of New England web site - . It is my current project to bring these stories to as many of today’s hard working callers, cuers, leaders and dancers as possible while preserving them for future generations for research."

To access, go to the SDNE site and click on the Documents tab, then "Brundage Audio Interviews"

From the Mike and Monitor Archives

Late member Bill Addison published, years ago, in what was then NCASDLA's monthly newsletter, Mike and Monitor, an article on sounding your hall. It is just as relevant today as when it was first written.

Click here for "Sound and Sound Systems by Bill Addison (pdf)

About Digital Music

Click here for MUSIC FROM THE COMPUTER by Steve Lucius (pdf)

Note: reading pdf files requires Adobe Reader. If your computer does not already have Adobe Reader installed, a free download is available here:

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