National Capital Area Square Dance Leaders Association

 Dance Leadership since 1951


Our members have varied interests in the following areas:

Square Dance Calling

Most of our members are square dance callers who call for square dance clubs and other environments where the dancers have a minimum vocabulary of calls. The programs typically use one or more of the dance programs defined by CALLERLAB, the International Association of Square Dance Callers.  These programs are described at CALLERLAB programs.

Round Dance Cueing

Many of our members also teach and cue round dancing for clubs and other environments where the dancers also have a minimum vocabulary.  These programs are administered by ROUNDALAB, the International Association of Round Dance Teachers.

Contra Prompting

Some of our members are skilled at prompting contra. Contras are dances involving multiple couples in one of a variety of formations The most common arrangement has two long lines of dancers, each dancer facing their partner in the opposite line. Each pair (or triple) of couples in the formation will dance a pattern together, using moves, many of them square dance calls. The pattern concludes in each couple meeting a new couple, either up or down the set, whereupon the pattern repeats with the new pair (or triple) of couples. In this way, couples may dance with all other couples in the set.

Other arrangements that may occur: Becket (long lines, with couples in one line facing couples in the other); Mescalanza (pairs of couples facing pairs of couples up and down the hall); Quadrilles (Four couple squares); and circles.

Line Dance Leading

Some of our members teach and lead line dances (solo dances to pop or country music.)

Square and Round Dance Classes

Most of our caller and cuer members also teach classes in a series of lessons aimed at helping new dancers acquire vocabulary and practice proficiency to be able to join club programs.

Parties for People who don't otherwise square dance or round dance

Many of our members enjoy doing parties for people who don't ordinarily square dance.  This may be at a corporate party, a church social, a school event and many other venues.  Square dancing, line dancing and round dancing may be successful activities wherever people gather to meet or to celebrate.

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