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Last Updated December 21, 1998

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They say it's a way of life. Well, it's certainly not the only thing I do, although I do go to an occasional science fiction convention. The last one I attended was the Baltimore Worldcon convention (August 1998), wherein I ate a surfeit of Maryland crab. This year I also attended 5Con (mentioned below), a very very miniscule but worthwhile convention held in alternate universities in Western Massachusetts. What I liked about it was that the panel discussions each only drew in a few people -- but just enough to turn the discussions into real conversations amongst the speakers and the audience. Prior to that convention, however, my most recent one had been the Worldcon held over in Scotland back in 1995, amply recorded on my Scottish pages.

I participate in A Woman's APA, Golden APA, Frank's APA, and the Junto (Amateur Press Associations). I once put out my own fanzine, Convergent Realities, but it died after issue seven, and there's no plans anywhere for a revival. Actually, I haven't been all that involved in fanzine fandom (unfortunately, because I do enjoy reading them), but I'm planning a gradual revival of participation in my copious *ahem* free time. People I've met through fandom tend to be thinkers on a wide range of topics, and often have a free-flowing outlook that I find appealing.

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Nifty newsgroup I've very occasionally been reading, but not posting often to: rec.arts.sf.fandom
Another interesting one which I have yet to post to, if only because it attracts a LOT of mail: rec.arts.sf.written

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