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Atlanta, GA


Drain in the Grass





Drain in the Grass

This drain was placed in the Olympic grounds to prevent the grass from retaining too much residual water.


New Street Sewer







New Street Sewer

This sewer adjacent to the Olympic grounds is notable for its rich brown rust color and white cement surroundings.


Atlanta, Water Cover


Water Meter

Some of these capsule covers are in various cities including Atlanta, New Orleans, and Washington DC.


Atlanta, Capsule Cover


Capsule Cover

I liked the hex shapes and the bronze cross ridges against the fibrous grass texture. 


Atlanta, Electric Cover



Electric Cover

Here is a great study in gray textures, with a few blue accents.


Atlanta, White Lines



Busy Black Rectangle with Cover

These next three covers were on a very busy street that I had to wait until the traffic would subside to photograph.  Together they are a tryptic that had variations on the theme of the large rectangle shapes outlined or enhanced with the use of painted and tarred lines. 


Atlanta, Black Lines



Busy Black Line Rectangle

Here may have the location of a future hole, or possibly a past hole?


Atlanta, White Rectangle with Cover



Busy white Rectangle with Black Lines

For some reason, someone decided to paint this one white and needed to shore up the edges with a tarred black line.  The green markings indicate sewage.


City of Atlanta, Higgins Foundry



City of Atlanta, Higgins Foundry

This cover is a great study in brown.  Rust has a way of enhancing the original browns with lighter shaded highlights.


Vulcan Cover in the Grass







Vulcan Cover in the Grass

This manhole cover was placed in the Olympic grounds to allow access to the pipes under the grass.  One year I made this into a Xmas card by changing the word Vulcan to NOEL in Photoshop.





Atlanta #13



Brownish Gray #13 Cover

The whole area had this warm brownish cast, as if stained by the rust colored soil.


Brown Manhole Cover







Brown Manhole Cover

This manhole cover has medium brown hues, and is somehow related to the previous cover as evident by the number 18 and the black holes and rim.


E-Spire Cover







E-Spire Cover

This cover shows the presence of Atlanta's ability to maintain their most contemporary internet plumbing.


Atlanta, BST Cover


BST Cover

It was late in the day and there were long shadows to enhance the contrast of the yellow with the dark gray asphalt.


Atlanta, Yellow Criss Cross Cover



This one was in the middle of a not so busy road, so I had plenty of time to shoot.


Atlanta, J41 Cover


J41A Cover

Here is a good textural study with lines that was shot late in the day.  Atlanta seems to be good for the late day shots.


Atlanta Water Works


Water Works Manhole Cover

This cover has waves of black and deep brown and is framed in an excellent white cement texture.


The Small W



The Small W Cover

This W, I assume water, valve cover has one of the richest deep brown patinas of all, but then again it may be due to the sharp contrast of the recently poured light mauve colored sidewalk.


Atlanta, Marta



Marta CP Test Valve

How I love these orange markings.  Maybe I should call this the Marta Peach?  (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority.)


JJJ 43 Cover



JJJ 43 Cover

This cover has a beautiful sandy texture as if it's been paved with a gritty asphalt.


Atlanta, Chiarascuro



Atlanta Chiarascuro

How could I resist shooting a lost and found cover in Atlanta?


Atlanta, Green



Cover with Green Lines

This cover has been worked over a few times.  Something tells me that it will undergo a few more revisions before it retires.


Atlanta, Brown Cover



Atlanta Brown and Tan Study

Nice tight fit.  Not much wear on this one.


Atlanta, Communications Cover



City of Atlanta Communication Cover

The round cover fitting inside hex shapes of the sidewalk pavement must have caused a lot of grief for the communication company installer.  How do you fit a round shape into a hex grid?


Atlanta, Hex Sidewalk



Atlanta Hex Pavement Tiles

All in all, I think the hex designs do not work well judging from the deterioration of the sidewalks and the presence of many cracks and uplifting of tiles in random places.  It's great for photos though!


Atlanta, Black Smear



Atlanta Black Smear

This smear is definitely of the Anselm Kiefer influence.  I can feel his presence in the tar.


Atlanta, Twirl



Atlanta Twirl

This twirl was painted on the sidewalk right behind the Atlanta High Art Museum.  Obviously the work of a future great artist.  Then again, maybe I'm the great artist that captured it at just the right time on my digital camera?


Atlanta, Wangina #1



Atlanta Wandjina #1

This wandjina is the product of one my favorite motifs, being sawed off sign poles that resemble eyes.  Is this one wincing?


Atlanta, Chiarascuro



Atlanta Wandjina #2

This second wandjina was not far from the first one and looks like it is more sophisticated due to the presence of a cement monocle.


Atlanta, Ghost



Atlanta Ghost

The close proximity of the High Art Museum and School may be the reason that there are so many great items illustrated on the sidewalks in that area, but I think there may be more at work in this case.  Somebody was watching me... who?  (What's the difference between a Wandjina and a ghost?)


Atlanta Peach



Atlanta Peach

On one of my many trips to Atlanta, I stumbled across this municipality approved graffiti painted on the Peachtree sidewalks nearby. 


Broken Red Sawhorse



Red and Broken Sawhorse

This sawhorse was not far from the Atlanta Peach but was equally striking in color and the design elements were, of course, superior.  I need to use up some of that red digital ink.