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Boston Burbs


Burn Oil


Everett, Burn Oil

This is the only Burn Oil valve cover I have ever seen.  There used to be an oil company nearby.


Everett Sewer


Everett, Sewer Cover

This is a striking photo to me, maybe it's because I grew up in Everett.




Everett Water Works Meter


Everett, Water Works Meter

A lot of these covers must have been custom made, since I haven't found any more of these.





Everett, BWW Fire Pipe

This fire pipe access is in a place called "the meadow" in my hometown of Everett just a couple of miles north of Boston.  The weed detail is great.  It's one of my favorite photos.  I've visited this spot several times and area has been cleaned of weeds and debris.  How fragile is this world of beauteous elements.




Don't Dump into the River


Everett, Don't Dump into the River

This I like to see, although I wish it were made out of bronze.




Malden, Wall Pipe


Malden, Wall Pipe

This drain pipe emptied into a side yard next to the train tracks.  Very pleasant site.




Malden, Transformers


Malden, Transformers

These transformers are most appropriately placed on a makeshift cross platform that straddles two telephone poles.  This is the most elaborate display of this technique that I've ever seen.


Malden, Quarry


Malden, Quarry

Great B & W photo of a now defunct quarry on the way to Cliftondale Saugus.  My father painted several great, colorful paintings of this spot.




Malden, Gas Drip


Malden, Gas Drip

It's good to see that Malden can drip gas too.




Pine Banks, Malden - Boston Sewer Cover


Malden, Cover in the Pines

This sewer cover is situated in Pine Banks Park - Malden, one of our few natural childhood places to rock climb and roam the woods.  Today, it's not as natural as it used to be, and alas due to budget cuts, they closed their small zoo.




Arlington MA, Garden Water Valve Cover


Arlington, Garden Water Valve Cover

This garden in Arlington MA has a great statue of an American Indian reaching down to drink some water from a tiny brook.





Arlington MA, Water Meter Valve Cover


Arlington, Water Meter Valve Cover

This photo was shot late in the day.





Somerville Hydrant with Pink House and Flowers


Somerville, Hydrant with Pink House

The first glance of this photo made me stop my car and turn around to find a place to park not far from the location.  I just couldn't pass up a color combination like this.  In person, the shades of red, green and pink were overwhelming.






Newton Surveyor Spot


Newton, Surveyors' Spot

This surveyor spot is hot.  I'll take one in every color.




Southboro MA, Cover in the Field


Southboro, Cover in the Field

This manhole cover is way out in the far suburb of Southboro MA, near a large MWRA water treatment plant.






Watertown MA, WS 343 Cover


Watertown, WS 343 Cover

This cover in Watertown Mall has one of the best relief features of all.  In terms of quality, it even surpasses the saltwater etched covers in Atlantic City.





Watertown MA, Snow Cover #1



Watertown, Snow Cover #1

This cover shot has falling snow that was melting as it fell to the asphalt.  Some of the residual slush remains.






Watertown MA, Snow Cover #2


Watertown, Snow Cover #2

This cover shot shows the movement of the car tracks and the top layer of slush that hasn't melted yet.






Watertown MA, Snow Drain Cover


Watertown, Snow Drain Cover

This sewer drain cover has car tracks and melting slush water draining into the sewer.