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Cambridge MA "Next to My City"


QWP Water Valve

I must admit, I cannot tell you what Q and the P stand for, but I can assure you that the W must stand for water. Possibly Quincy Water Pipe, since Quincy was a well-known name in the Boston area.



Harvard Water


Harvard Water Valve

As you can see, this valve is one of many in and about Harvard Yard.



Caldwell of Cambridge

This water valve is in Harvard Yard.  The Brahmin Caldwell name makes you almost think that they invented water itself ! 


Speckled Water Valve


Speckled Water Valve

Another valve cover that they used the blue paint on, his time it surrounded by the white paint of a red traffic light stop line. 


Blue Water Valve


Blue Water Valve

This water valve is in behind MIT somewhere near the new Gheary building construction site. 


Red Water Valve


Red Water Valve

This series of Cambridge water valves will probably be printed out as a tryptic, quadryptic, quintyptic or sextyptic etc... 


Chiarascuro Water Valve


Chiaroscuro Water Valve

This photo shows the exciting time enduring interplay of asphalt, bronze and rock salt, and the careful attention to detail application of the men paving the street.  


Yellow Gas


Yellow Gas Valve

I know, I know, I know.  It's not a water valve, but it is around the same size. 


Harvard Met WW Gate


Harvard Met WW Gate

Metropolitan Water Works Gate. Judging by the size of the cover, this must be a doozy underneath.


Harvard Met WW BO


Harvard MET WW B-O

No, it didn't smell too badly.  I don't know what the B-O means.


Harvard College L


Harvard College L

I don't know what this L means either.


Harvard Pole Holes


Harvard Pole Holes

These pole holes were probably installed with removable poles and ropes to keep the students in line during orientation.


Harvard Drain


Harvard Drain

This drain is not far from the Widener Library.


George Washington Was Here


George Washington Was Here

This cover says "Here stood the Washington Elm where George Washington took command of the American Army July 3, 1775" in Harvard Square. The last time I went by this spot, this cover was replaced by a generic one.



Beautiful Brown Telephone Cover

This beautiful brown telephone access cover is a spot not far from the Harvard Stadium in the recreational area on the other side of Soldier's Field Road.



MIT Brain

Now you know why all the students of MIT are so smart...  they obviously pump the brains in from a remote location.


Cobblestone Cover


Cobblestone Cover

I don't believe that it's very old, due to the metal grid underneath.


Cambridge Catch Basin


Cambridge Catch Basin

I guess "catch basin" was another term for sewer in 1874?  This one is very close to Harvard University.


Le Corbusier Drain Lines #1


Le Corbusier Drain Lines #1

These lines are part of a drainage system designed by the architect Corbusier for the Carpenter Art Center of Harvard University.


Le Corbusier Drain Lines #2


Le Corbusier Drain Lines #2

They really work.  If it were any other building, they wouldn't take such care with the repair.