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Updates from this Year at Foxglove...
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9 December 2001: Phoebe may now be addressed as CH Foxglove Ashburton Photo Op. She finished at the big all-breed show cluster in Columbus, Ohio, at the beginning of November, getting her last major under Judge Bob Fetter. From 2 single points to finished champion in two months -- way to go, Pheebs! Phoebe is the fifth champion for Foxglove this year (and our fourth homebred to finish in 2001). She is also Champion Number SIX for her dam, Penny (CH Malpsh Penny Serenade, ROM) and the second to finish this year.
Young Chase (Cinnabar Foxglove In High Gear) -- photo at left (click to enlarge) picked up his second specialty major in November. Our thanks to breeder-judge Linda Churchill for this nice win.
Rachel (Foxglove Ashburton Misdemeanor) went to her first few shows in November and picked up her first few points. Look for her to be shown seriously next year.
And last but not least, we have puppies! Our beautiful Faith (CH Talamar's Indigo Shadows) gave birth to three lovely pups on November 30 -- two tri bitches and one blue male. Visit the happy family on our Puppies page, where you can also view a pedigree of the litter.

29 Sepember 2001: We just got word that Phoebe (Foxglove Ashburton Photo Op) picked up a big, five-point major today on the competitve Wine Country circuit, bringing her up to 11 points, one major. Go Pheebs!

23 September 2001: In general, the last few months have been quite relaxing. We went to very few shows; instead, we spent time visiting with friends, playing with puppies, and otherwise enjoying the beautiful New England summer. In August, after a year of off-and-on knee problems, Kim had surgery to repair a torn miniscus. She's looking forward to running around the ring more easily this fall.

But while we relaxed at home, a few Foxglove dogs were busy:

  • Trendy (photo at right; click to enlarge) spent the spring and early summer training for her third herding title, and then earned it in great style, getting her two final legs at the Del-Bay Herding Club trials on the weekend of August 4th. Even better, she kicked some serious Border Collie butt to go High in Trial with a score of 93.5! Did we mention that Trendy turned 10 in June? Trendy, now known as Foxglove-DeVine Trendsetter, NA, HSA-s, lives with, and is trained and shown by, her co-owner and breeder, Denise Deskiewicz. Congratulations, Denise! Click here to visit Trendy's page.
  • After coating up from her second litter, Phoebe (Foxglove Ashburton Photo Op, pts.) returned to the ring with handler Carol Arteta. We're hoping Phoebe will be the sixth champion for her dam, CH Malpsh Penny Serenade, ROM, and she's off to a good start -- her first ring appearance with Carol ended with a Group One from the classes! Phoebe lives with her co-owner, Colleen Gentilcore. Click here to visit Phoebe's page.
  • Finally, we were thrilled to get word that Charo may now be addressed as CH Foxglove Ashburton Macarena. Congratulations to her owner, Don Combee (Chisterling Shelties), who drove 17 hours to Iowa to get her last major -- a five-point win (including BOS over specials) -- when there were no majors to be found in his own area of the country. Charo was the tenth champion for her sire, Regan (CH Tara Hill Aylmere Wild Card, ROM); we congratulate his owner, Pat Wright (Aylmere), and breeder, Bonnie Smith (Tara Hill), on his new ROM. In addition to having bred Regan's tenth champion, we're happy to have owned and finished his first (CH Aylmere Foxglove You Bet). Charo is also the third champion for her dam, CH Foxglove Ashburton Ingenue, and the second to finish so far this year. Click here to visit Charo's page.
  • In July, we were surprised and amused when a lazy robin took advantage of the bales of straw we had stored in an unused covered kennel run to build a precariously balanced nest on the hinge between the half-open door of that run and the attached side panel. Before long, Foxglove had its first "litter of robins." It was a lot of fun watching them grow up.

    Click here to visit our new "Robins Grow Up" page. Not quite as much fun as our "Puppies Grow Up" pages perhaps, but still pretty interesting.

    In August, we had some excitment right next door when the town arranged for a flock of 333 sheep (photo at left; click to enlarge) -- also known as "nature's lawnmowers" -- to clear Towle Field, the large parcel of conservation land next to our home. The flock was tended by a shepherd with a Border Collie during the day. Much of the shepherd's job involved setting up new grazing areas using portable electric fencing. At night, a dog named Gordo, a Meremma, guarded the flock. You can read more about this interesting land-clearing program in the online version of our fine local paper, the Carlisle Mosquito. Click here to read the story. Use your browser's back button to return to this page.

    Last, but not least, we have a new litter of six puppies born 26 August 2001. For picture and pedigree, click here to visit our Puppies page.


    22 July 2001: The past few months brought us two new champions, Faith (new CH Talamar's Indigo Shadows, pictured at left) and Sienna (new CH Foxglove Ashburton Sienna, pictured below). Both enjoyed whirlwind show careers, each starting the month of April with a four-point specialty win, and finishing in a matter of two months or less.

    Faith, pictured top left, (click on photo to enlarge), picked up her first major in April, under breeder-judge Cheryl Anderson, got her second major under breeder-judge Tom Coen a few weeks later, and finished at the end of May under breeder-judge Joe Molloy (pictured). Along the way, she picked up several BOBs over specials. And, thanks to the generosity of her breeder, our good friend Lyn Wolanski, Faith is now a permanent resident here at Foxglove. Click here to visit her page.

    Sienna, pictured at right, played second fiddle to Faith a few weekends when both girls won their classes and Kim stayed on Faith in the winners class. But with that "darn blue girl" out of the way, Sienna soared to her title as well, going winners bitch for her second specialty major under breeder-judge Elaine McIntyre at the Colonial SSC show on June 2, the win pictured here. (If you click on the photo to enlarge, you can see the prize -- a very nice embroidered briefcase with the CSSC logo, the date, and the win. I just haven't decided yet if I want to go to work carrying a briefcase on which the word "bitch" is embroidered.) Two weekends later, Sienna finished with her third major. Click here to visit Sienna's page.

    We also have puppies at Foxglove -- our first in quite a while. The first litter, consisting of a tri dog and a blue bitch, was born May 10. Dad is CH Cub Hill Steel Wheels, ROM, and Mom is Foxglove Too Darn Hot ("Sizzle"). The second litter, consisting of a sable dog and a sable bitch, was born June 6. First-time Dad is Suntera Foxglove Photo Finish (major pts.); Mom is CH Ashburton Foxglove All Of Me ("Lily").

    Last, but not least, we are expecting baby robins at some point in the next week or so. A rather lazy mama robin took advantage of the bales of straw we had stored in an unused covered kennel run and, in a matter of a single afternoon, built a lovely nest precariously balanced on the hinge between the run's half-open door and its attached side panel, a mere four feet off the ground. She laid four eggs and has been sitting on them for the last 10 days, apparently unperturbed by the barking Shelties nearby and our comings and goings from the kennel building. I'll try to get photos before the next installment of the "Foxglove News."


    10 April 2001: We're barely into April, but it's been a good month so far. We're especially excited that Sienna (Foxglove Ashburton Sienna) was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners, for a four-point major, at the Tri-State SSC specialty under breeder-judge Jean Simmonds on April 7 (handled by Kim, pictured at right; click on photo to enlarge).

    At the next day's Northern New Jersey SSC specialty (8 April 2000), Kim handled Can. CH Talamar's Indigo Shadows (Faith) to Winners Bitch, for a four-point major, under breeder-judge Cheryl Anderson. Faith is visiting Foxglove to complete her American title, and then have a litter. Faith is a sound, beautiful, sweet, easy-to-live-with, blue merle bitch bred and owned by Lyn Wolanski (Talamar Shelties) of Alberta, Canada. We are really enjoying her visit; thanks for sharing her with us, Lyn! Photos will be coming soon.


    30 March 2001: The SSC of Hawaii specialty show was an exciting one for Nola Chock (Cinnabar). Her puppy dog (co-bred and co-owned with Foxglove), eight-month-old Chase (Cinnabar Foxglove In Hi Gear) -- pictured at right; click on photo to enlarge -- was Winners Dog for a five-point major at his very first show! To make the day even more exciting, Chase's dam, Cara (CH Foxglove Cinnabar Carrera), was BOB! Thank you to breeder-judge Marion Durholz for these exciting wins. Click here to visit Chase's page. Click here to visit Cara's page.

    Also in March was the ASSA Sheltie National, held this year in Riverside, California. As always, we enjoyed seeing old friends and hundreds of Shelties from all over the country. CH Malpsh Penny Serenade, ROM and CH Shield Crest Hurricane placed second in their respective veteran classes. In addition, Penny received a special award at the ASSA banquet for being top-producing dam for the year 2000 (tied with Macdega Rendezvous, ROM).

    Kim had a great time on her cross-country trip to California and back. (Carolyn flew both ways.) She stopped to spend time with a few other breeders and enjoyed seeing parts of the country she'd never visited before. The dogs had a good time, too, but, as you can see from the photo at left, Spencer (Suntera Foxglove Photo Finish) was remarkably unimpressed with the scenery at the Grand Canyon (yes, he's pooping on the Canyon's rim). Click on photo to enlarge; the rest of the view is pretty spectacular. And click here to see more photos from Kim's trip.


    28 January 2001: The year started off with a bang when "little Nick" (all 14-3/8" of him!) finished his championship on January 21. New CH Ashburton Foxglove Nickelodeon was owner-handled to this last major win (pictured at left; click on photo to enlarge) by Jan Ibaraki. The judge was Chuck Herendeen. Click here to visit Nick's page.

    Nick was the fifth champion for his dam, Penny (CH Malpsh Penny Serenade), making her an ROM (ASSA Registry of Merit dam). Click here to visit Penny's page.


    To read last year's Foxglove News, click here.

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