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Over the years, I've received a lot of humorous material, either items I've found on the Internet myself or things that people sent to me over e-mail. I'm slowly putting the best items here.

Blue Ribbon Most of the stuff is rated G or PG; a few do have the potential to be offensive to some people, however. Please don't read something if you think it's going to upset you!

Important Note: none of these items are original. I simply take e-mail and reformat it in HTML. I strip out mail headers and extraneous forwarding characters, but I leave the author credits alone, where they exist. If there is no credit, I don't know the original source.

Non-computer related humor

These items should be funny to anyone, without any specific technical knowledge.

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
King Arthur and Sir Galahad (Rated R)
Lawyer Joke
Rescue Attempt (Rated R)
The Third Wish
Curse of the Rat
Three Guys in Hell
Importance of Typos In History
Downsizing at the North Pole
1995/1996 Attorney Bag Limits
Declaration of Independence's Response
Christmas Fruitcake Recipe
The Last Things They Would Say (Rated R)
The New Motorcycle (Rated R)
Translations for the Workplace
Ladle Rat Rotten Hut
PC Red Riding Hood
Male Answer Syndrome
Voicemail for the Insane
Parrot Joke
Guide to Safe Fax
Speeding Chicken
Math vs. Engineering
Nuclear Picnic
Big Bird's Rampage
Social Discourse
Daily Exercise
Poor Planning Causes Accidents
The Dilbert Principle
Are You a Real Guy?
Why Ask Why
College Entrance Essay
Dying to Get In
Foreign Puns
God and Tenure
Moses and the Lord

Computer-related humor

These items relate to computers, but should still be funny to anyone. Some exposure to computers may improve your enjoyment.

CERT Advisory: ID4 Virus
So Much For Cyber Sex (Rated R)
Desert Island Necessities
If Computer Companies Made Toasters
If Operating Systems Were Beers
Diary of a Digital Homeowner
The Software Wars
Lost ST:TNG Episode
Ode to Dr. Seuss
Ask Dr. Internet
If Cars Were Like Computers
Sex Symbols Of The `90s
Guide to Geek Guys
Befuddled PC Users
It's Not Easy Being Bill
Religious Wars
Microsoft Acquires Catholic Church
Personal Communications
The Internet Is Like A... (Rated R)

Technical humor

These items will be most funny to people with technical backgrounds, since some of the references make no sense without that background. I think they are probably funny even without that background, but no promises. At the very least, you can see how we geeks think...

An On-Line Genesis
Field Guide to Unix SysAdmins
Guide to Programming Languages
Nerd One-Upmanship
The Frog Princess
How Programmers Think
The MIT Nerd Test
If Cars Had an OS
The Guru of News (Long but truly excellent.)
Scientific Warnings

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