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Adamant and other stories

Adamant and other stories

Eleven stories of ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances.

- Roak is plowing his fields when he receives The Call.

- Harry Hunter is making an ordinary freight run when his ship's computer breaks down.

- Steph Jurdan is living out his life in obscurity when a journalist finally tracks him down.

- Cheryl Hemming and Ann Furlan are on vacation when they make a wrong turn.

- Craig Vanson discovers the future is both familiar and unrecognizable.

- Senior Guild Pilot Jane Henderson, recuperating from a routine run, wakes up somewhere else.

- Billy and Red try to figure out what use to make of a discarded time machine.

- Sha'nel makes a futile offering to the gods on the very eve of war.

- Fleet Commander Pitjara trips a mousetrap with his fleet.

- Junior Guild Pilot Mulga must enforce the Guild's Penalty Clause, for the very first time.

- Computer programmer Maki gets an unusual assignment, with far-reaching consequences.

Adamant and other stories contains the novella Adamant, the novelette On Purpose, a flash-fiction serial in ten parts, six other science fiction short stories, and two fantasy short stories. This is the author's first published fiction.

"Enjoyed this debut offering and looking forward to more."

"The 'Competent Man' Returns"

"Can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon or a few bucks...."

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