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Eve of War (Agency Book 1) style=

The Eve of War Cover


The once-friendly Republic of Villacqua and Kingdom of Wilbourne are stumbling toward war. But why?

The Association of Planets' intelligence agency is concerned. The Agency is a myth, of course. The government denies it exists. Everyone knows it's not real.

The Agency sends their top operative, Bert Mangum, to head off the war. His mission: Find out who's causing it and stop them. Permanently.

Mangum and his alien sidekick Sam ally with Gloria Dent, of Gaston's Bureau of Intelligence and Espionage, to find and stop the war instigator.

But can even they succeed against their wily adversary?

"Excellent sci-fi, spy book."

"Space travel, aliens, interstellar war? And mystery!"

"As always Richard F. Weyand tells one heck of a good story."

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The Favor (Agency Book 2)

The Favor Cover


Bert Mangum, an operative for the secretive Agency, is back on the Crossroads space station waiting for a new assignment when Detective Elina Stavros of the Crossroads P.D. asks him to do her a favor.

Could he help her figure out how the dangerous and illegal drug RDT is getting onto the station?

But the more they dig, the more they find, until they're facing a cluster-wide drug manufacturing and smuggling operation.

Worse, if they shut it down, Crossroads will go under and the economy of the cluster will go with it.

Mangum, Stavros, and Sam, with help from Gloria Dent and Claude Portnoy, have to find a solution before the economy of the cluster falls down around them.

"Weyand hits another one out of the park! Suspenseful and fun, a great combination."

"Very well done. Two thumbs up!"

"Great sci fi spy story."

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Hungarian Elegy

Hungarian Elegy

Hungarian Trilogy Book 2

In 1905 Hungary, political turmoil smolders under a booming economy.

Ella and her husband arrive in Budapest determined to remake the country into a land where women have the same rights as men. They are swept into the colorful and powerful progressive circle, inhabited by liberals, socialists, communists, and bourgeois gentlemen.

Then tragedy hits, and Ella must invent her own role in this turbulent society.

"The struggle for human rights as a shared experience."

"There's no changing the course of history, but sometimes you have to make your stand against the flow."

"A rare 5 star rating from me."

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