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Campbell: The Problem with Bliss

Campbell: The Problem with Bliss

This is the fifth book in the Childers Universe.


Senior Captain William Campbell and Rear Admiral Jan Childers are on the Grand Tour. Eight planets in two years. While Childers' heavy cruiser squadron trains up and drills local CSF forces, Campbell assesses the local intelligence group. Bliss is their fifth stop.

They arrive on Bliss just after a hostile incursion occurred at a particularly inopportune time, indicating there may be an espionage ring informing the enemy of the CSF's plans well in advance. Campbell sets out to find and neutralize that espionage ring.

They've killed already, and they aren't about to let Bill Campbell put them out of business. But they don't know who and what Bill Campbell really is.

For that matter, neither does Jan Childers!

"Entertaining display of an intelligence operative's skills."

"Absorbing Espionage Fiction."

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