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Empire: Warlord

Empire: Warlord


Their resentment of Sintar�s success fanned by the Democracy of Planets, the Alliance has voted to wage war on Sintar. They are mustering their fleets and gathering their strength to take on the Imperial Navy. Over three million warships are gathering to deliver the blow that will bring the Empire to its knees, with seven million additional warships in reserve.

But Emperor Trajan, aware of their war vote, can see them mustering their ships in the Empire�s top-secret hyperspace map. And he has no intention of waiting for their declaration of war. The Empire brings up its new navy, seven million new-design warships, plus eight million of the deadly little picket ships.

Can the Empire prevail in this clash of titans?

"Good military sci fi with interesting thoughts about why wars start."

"Another solid installment."

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