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Along Came Polly


Ben Stiller plays a risk assessor for an insurance company who just got married. His wife (a luminous Debra Messing) cheats on him during their honeymoon. So as a rebound, he begins dating Polly, who is impulsive, wild, fun, etc. In other words, the exact opposite of Ben Stiller.

What I Thought

My first reaction was: just what we need, yet another "polar opposites attract" movie. And yes, it delivers on the stale concept. But it was also pretty funny, even if the now-expected bodily function jokes abound. Hilarious Alec Baldwin as Stiller's makes-people-uncomfortable boss, wish he was around for more in this movie.

What's-her-name from Friends is OK, so is Stiller. Nothing to write home (or movie review) about, but OK.

If you've seen the previews, you already know exactly how the movie will play out. Stiller avoids risks. Gets dumped. Meets Polly. Takes some risks. Friction between Ben and Polly. Resolution. Curtain call. You're out $10 bucks.

It's a funny "afternoon" movie that you can curl up to watch on the TV. But going to the movies and spending $10/ticket plus food isn't worth it. Wait for the video.

 q*sigh* No more waiting for a Lord of the Rings movie. Although Shrek 2 and Spiderman 2 will be coming out this year...


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