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Mr. And Mrs. Smith


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are a married couple, both of whom have a secret double life: They're both highly paid assassins. Sparks (and bullets) fly when the secrets are found out and each thinks the other is out to kill them.

What I Thought

Pitt and Jolie have a great chemistry together, which (along with the music) is what really makes this otherwise implausible film work. Pitt has a very laid-back and relaxed style (just like in Ocean's 11) that is really fun to watch, while Jolie projects this serious intensity that makes you smile when that intensity is cracked by a joke or jibe. I've liked Pitt more and more in every movie I've seen and I'm impressed with Jolie's acting (never saw her before).

The music is also quite good, bringing with it a great sense of humor. There's plenty of South American 'mood' music used to accentuate the sexiness of a scene (when we flashback to their first meeting), and funny touches like having 'Express Yourself' play when they're shooting the hell out of each other (and their house). And the scene where Pitt is singing in the car while being chased by people who are trying to kill them is hilarious.

So I found this movie quite fun and entertaining.

On to the bad side: The final shootout in the home store is a bit surreal and doesn't seem very believable.

Additionally, it seems that both Jolie and Pitt own firms where they are the owners and star assassins for hire. Nowhere does the story say they work for a government (say the CIA or FBI), and indeed Pitt seems to work for some 'firm'. Don't get me wrong, fiction is fiction, but you can make a pretty bad moral case against them as being cold hearted and amoral murderers for hire (which isn't a good thing). I found that strange. Killing bad people in the tradition of James Bond may be seen as 'good', but when you take out the 'they're evil' argument then you're on squishy ground.

Finally, not for kids. No kids. We see Jolie cold-bloodedly assassinate someone after pretending to be his S&M prostitute. No kids.

But two thumbs up.


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