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Scary Movie 3


Plot? What plot? Well, I guess... Charlie Sheen is Mel Gibson, the priest with the farm and crop circles. Then there's whatshername who's son sees dead people and who's haunted by the videotape that kills in a week whoever watches it. Then there's Simon Rex (yes, the porn star and MTV VJ) who's Charlie Sheen's brother, the love interest for whatshername and also a white rapper trying to break into rap by going to rap contests.

Have I missed any other movies they spoof?

What I Thought

It was funny. Not hilarious, but OK funny. Mostly because they did try to come back to the alien invasion plot all the time. Their funny scenes are funny (like when whatshername's friend has a big fight with the girl from the Ring video), but then when they return to the regularly scheduled plot, we lose it. The hilarious zaniness of movies like Airplane is that they didn't even try to do a plot. Let's just get a bunch of crazy funny people on a plane that can't land & see what happens. Done. End of script.

One scene that was knock-out funny was the thing at the beginning with Pam Anderson and Jenny McCarthy. They were really good at poking fun at themselves.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that this was TOTALLY not a racy movie (unlike the first Scary Movie which put the American Pie series to shame... you know what scene(s) I'm talking about). It relied totally on funny situations and dialog rather than sexual or bathroom humor. So it's safer to take your older kids to this movie. Ahh, who am I kidding, they're taking YOU.


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