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A bunch of singing social outcast kids at a musical theater/drama summer camp. Things get interesting when the new good-looking and talented guy shows up (sort of the misfit among misfits, being the only straight guy there), causing all the boys and girls to have a crush on him. Additionally, they have a new camp counselor, a washed-up alcoholic has-been, who tries to teach the kids "life lessons".

What I thought:

This is a fun and funny movie. It reminded me of Center Stage, the dancing movie where most of the "actors" were really members of the American Ballet. But much less gritty (these are kids, mind you), no drug references, sex, violence, or drinking (except for the camp counselor).

Anyway, it's the first movie for most of these kids, so it can get a little awkward. It's also an indie film, so some of the awkward acting is built in anyway. The movie really shines during the musical portions, these kids can sing. And the soundtrack is awesome.

The story is sweet, though a bit confused. The writers never decided whether the new guy is nice and helpful, zonked out on antidepressant and anti-OCD drugs, or a manipulator who'll say anything to sleep with the girls. The ending especially was ambiguous (to say the least). Maybe the writers want us to believe he's a nice guy AND a guy with problems AND a self-centered tease, but I just think they were more confused than anything else. After all, we're not talking big-budget here.

So, if you like a light "nonsense" comedy with a little singing and dancing thrown in, this movie is for you.


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