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Matrix: Reloaded


Sequel to the popular Matrix, where Neo (Keanu Reeves) finds out the human race is enslaved by sentient machiens and "reality" is really a virtual-reality program run by the machines, so that we are harvested for our bioelectric energy.

This sequel continues the fight between the programs in the Matrix and a small group of free humans. From Zion (the only human city) to the Matrix, Neo and his gang try to find out what being "The One" means ("The One", i.e., Neo, a prophetic messiah who can control the Matrix).

What I Thought

Yes, my synopsis is totally vague because I'd rather not hash out the movie. Blah. Blah blah blah.

As always, let's start with the positive:

The fight scenes are awesome. The car chase scene, which you may have heard about, is great. With a few exceptions, the special effects are also pretty good--though not as seamless as in the first movie--very surprising since I would have thought they would have taken extra special care with this. Unfortunately, there are some parts that look like a Playstation 2 game.

The costumes. Wow. I want Lawrence Fishburne's coat. And Neo's. Amazing. And it's true, tan IS the new black. I loved these costumes, the textures, the look, the sunglasses.

OK, the negative:

First of all, if I just announced that the machines are sending a huge (and I mean HUUGE) army to kill all of humanity, I wouldn't have a party afterwards. No way. Maybe a war council or something. Marshall our forces and all that. But no dancing. Nuh huh. Not even slow dancing. I just don't get this party/dancing scene, I really don't.

The parts that are outside the Matrix are dull and boring. Slow, filled with stupid pseudo-philosophical babble that any 1st year college student falls asleep over. That's actually how it felt like, let's get a Cliff Notes version of philo 101, water THAT down with an ocean-full of water, and put it in the movie. Neo's conversations on control, choice, and the human condition are laughable in the extreme.

Yes, we had that in the first movie, but THAT had some camp to it that made it fun. When Morpheus gives Neo the whole spiel of being enslaved and then holds up a battery, THAT is great.

Part of the problem is sequel-itis. "We gotta make a sequel, but we didn't know the first movie would become a cultural icon, so let's take that movie and give them more more MORE." Sometimes, better means less. Can anyone say "Look Whose Talking 5"?

After we got the Oracle telling the One to find the Keymaker from the Merovingian so we can get to the System Core and talk to the Architect, I just wanted to stop the metaphors. Call Susan Powter. Please.

Oh, the Oracle (the wonderful Gloria Foster) is great. So is the little Keymaker guy.

And stay till the end, after the credits you'll get the trailer of the 3rd movie.

So, to sum up, go see it, but this is not your father's Matrix.


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