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Hot Fuzz


Nigel Angel is a London super cop who is reassigned to a country village after making everyone else "look bad". There, he teams up with Danny, his small-town counterpart, and the two patrol this seemingly innocent town. Of course, not all is as it seems as Nigel uncovers shady goings-on.

What I Thought

I've been sitting on this review for two weeks now. I'm finding it a hard time writing something up over this movie. Maybe I'm out of practice, after all the last movie I saw was over two months ago. I just don't have that lovin' feeling right now. Maybe it's because I got a set of cooking pots instead of a trip to Italy for my 10 year anniversary at work (why go to Italy when I can cook pasta at home?!). Maybe review writing isn't like riding a bicycle and you can get out of practice. Maybe it's because this movie is so darned funny that I can't put it into words. Maybe I'm struck speechless.

Nah, it's the pots. I'm definitely not struck speechless. I can just go on and on and on about most any topic. Except sports. Hmm, and botany. That's pretty boring too. I can write you a Ph.D. dissertation on "ex-machina use of magic-users in the Marvel universe" if you want. And if you show interest towards that thesis, I'm willing to leave my other half for you (well, only if you're a doctor. I do want to stay in the lap of luxury, after all).

Anyway, barring sports and plants, definitely not speechless.

This movie comes from the same people who brought you Shaun of the Dead, one of the most hilarious zombie movies to have ever come out of England. The same two main actors from Shaun play Nigel and Danny and have wonderful chemistry together. I just can't tell you how great the subtle humor and interplay is between these two. The rest of the cast is great as well.

I'm avoiding talking about the plot and the jokes because half the fun is in hearing them the first time. The first half is crammed with awesomely ironic fades and camera angles (remember, this is a comedy spoofing a serious cop film) and chock-ful of sarcastic comments. The latter half shifts into "action" mode with great chase scenes and plenty of shooting.

In short, thoroughly entertaining! The only drawback is the sometimes thick English accent, but that just means watching it again on DVD with subtitles. I can't wait!

Go see this film while you still can!


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