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Mambo Italiano


Angelo is a twenty-something Italian-Canadian who struggles with his parents over being Italian, having a dead-end job at a travel agency, and being gay. Coupled with crazy parents, an in-the-closet boyfriend, and a really crazy sister, and you have My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets In & Out.

What I Thought

Most of this movie is quite hilarious. The actor playing Angelo is very funny--picture a young Woody Allen in terms of talking patter, personality, and sometimes even looks. His family is just as funny (if not funnier than) the family from Big Fat Greek Wedding, with the crazy parents wedded to the "Old Country".

Expect lots of good-humored mafia jokes ("how did you get in here without a key and without me hearing you?" "I'm Sicilian") and stereotypical Italian stuff (over the top wallpaper & decorations, etc) but surprisingly little focus on food. Which was a good thing since I went to see this movie really hungry.

The one gripe I have with this movie is the ending. Totally stupid. The last 5 minutes just doesn't feel right, almost as if it were changed in the last minute or something. Reminds me of the ending to "Kissing Jessica Stein" where you start shouting at the screen "no way! that isn't how it's supposed to end!"

The rest of the cast was quite funny as well. Paul Sorvino is excellent as the dad, picture him as a cross between the Greek Wedding dad and Sanford of Sanford & Sons. Yes, he fakes heart attacks for drama too. And the sister was a crack up as well.

In short, very funny movie (except for the stupid ending).


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