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Kill Bill (vol 1)


Uma Thurman is an assassin who wakes up from a 4-year coma after trying to be assassinated on her wedding day by her group leader and his death squad. So, she goes for revenge against him and the remainder of the squad.

Since this movie is vol 1, we only get to see Uma go after the first two people. This movie was literally chopped in half because it was too long, so the ending is quite abrupt and with no real ending.

What I Thought

You won't get me to say "this movie was a very Tarantino" movie because the only other one I saw involved George Clooney in a bar being attacked by vampires, and I wasn't impressed. My movie companion kept saying "that is sooo Tarantino", which made me scratch my head because didn't, um, Quentin Tarantino write it? Wouldn't it ALL be very Tarantino?

But OK. So, I was expecting a very very violent film. Yes, it's a bit violent, but not what I thought. I was expecting violent creepiness like Trainspotting, not "comical" violence, and it was very slow in bits and parts.

Let me explain that last phrase. There are many many many people cut to pieces in this movie. That's not funny. But the blood that sprays out like a geyser is. I don't know why, it just looks silly.

Uma is wonderful (as she always is) as the assassin-seeking-revenge against Bill. The other women who were on the Viper Death Squad are excellent as well, especially the fabulous Lucy Liu as a Japanese/Chinese mob boss.

Some very comical moments. For example, one of the Deadly Vipers wears an eyepatch, which is coordinated with her outfit. When she wears a smart business suit, her eyepatch is appropriately designer tan. When she changes into a nurses outfit, the eyepatch becomes white with a little red cross on it. Lots of other tongue-in-cheek moments like this. Also lots of spoofing of old martial arts films, which includes the whole "wearing a mask because that's who I am" bit.

Oh, and catch the part about Uma flying on an airplane with a katana (sword)! THAT'S funny!

There's also an animated "origin of Cottonmouth" (Lucy Liu) which is very well done, and at least THIS is disturbingly violent.

I don't want people to think that I'm thirsting for disturbed violence. I'm just saying that this movie isn't as violent as some have made it out to be. OK, so a roomful of people get their arms and legs chopped off with a sword, and there are a few beheadings. But they're the bad guys and they're fighting Uma. What do you expect??

If you're squeamish, don't like violence, or are still trying to get the whole "Uma/Oprah" Letterman joke, this movie ain't for you.

Oh, and keep kids AWAY from this movie. After all, it's soooo Tarantino.


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