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The ghost of a dead reporter appears to a small-time college reporter (Scarlett Johanson) on vacation in London and a stage magician (Woody Allen) in order to give them the scoop on a possible murder committed by a big-time lord (Hugh Jackman).

What I Thought

Today's word of the day (for you Colbert Report fans) is "set in its ways."

My wallet is in the shape of my butt. Men, you know what I'm talking about. Since men wear their wallets in their back pocket, the wallet eventually starts curving because you're sitting on it all day. And since it's uncomfortable sitting on the wallet if you turn it around, you put the wallet into your pocket on the same side, reenforcing the curvature.

Now, I'm not saying it's a globe-type curve, my butt isn't THAT big. Let's just say Brad Pitt wouldn't have anything to complain about (or is that Brad Garrett?).

Where was I? I've had my wallet for years now (it's Versace and I ain't giving it up unless I get another wallet with the same Medusa head... yes I know I'm expensive). Because of that, the curvature is pretty much set in its ways.

And that's your word of the day.

Speaking of set in his ways, we have Woody Allen. VERY set in his ways. So set as to be practically unbendable, and it would make you uncomfortable if he did anyway. Woody Allen is like my butt-wallet.

I normally like Woody Allen. I really do. But does he HAVE to be so, well, "Woody Allen-ish"? He's become an over-the-top campy caricature of himself. And as director, he encouranges his cast to be Woody Allen-ish as well. Scarlett Johanson isn't just a green college-age reporter, instead she gushes, she's super innocent, she squeals with delight. Overacting, overacting, overacting.

Which normally isn't so bad if that's the style of the movie (see any awesome Mel Brooks movie). But when you add others with a more serious acting style (like Jackman's cool and serious character) it's like adding ice and fire. They cancel each other out.

That's all I got to say. Sure, there were some funny lines (my favorite Woody: "I was born Jewish but as an adult I converted to narcissism") but this movie can't escape its over the top overacting and directing and it's the fault of unbending butt-wallet Woody Allen.


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