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The Simpsons Movie


Homer causes Springfield to become an environmental hazard to the rest of the United States. So it is locked in a dome. Because it's his fault, Homer and his family must save Springfield.

What I Thought

I was never a big watcher of the TV series, but I've caught a small handful of episodes, so I'm not what you might call a "fan". While I was hoping they ramp up the movie to be more irreverent than it already was on TV (a la South Park's Bigger, Longer & Uncut), it really ended up being just an extra long episode.

I'm sure that true fans would like this movie very much, it just reminded me why I don't watch it on TV in the first place: while it's true that it's funny and all that, it's ultimately a middle-of-the-road cartoon for the teen set. And while I totally agree that the first few seasons of the TV show pushed plenty of buttons and expanded tons of TV boundaries, they are now the Establishment rather than the counterculture so a mere extra-long episode just doesn't really do much for me.

Don't get me wrong, it was a funny movie. But we didn't laugh or cry the way we did in Bigger, Longer and Uncut, which pushed the movie SOO far off the deep end that the South Park TV show still pales in comparison (and speaking of which, when is a second South Park movie coming out!?!?)

So fans will like it, kids will laugh, and adult non-fans will get a few chuckles out of it too. But that's pretty much it.


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